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Oct, 2019

The Parent Seat

How to cope with the roller coaster of emotions.


Oct, 2019

6 Core Exercises For Wrestlers

Wrestling can be a complicated sport. It takes hard work and practice to develop technique, perfect a new move, or improve weaknesses.


Aug, 2019

NFHS reports high school wrestling participation up in all categories for 2018-19

This is the second straight year that high school wrestling has grown in all categories.


Jul, 2019

Badger RTC Aims To Grow Women's Wrestling

'It's going to spread women's wrestling:' how the Badger RTC is helping women reach their goals


Jul, 2019

Age Appropriate Strength And Conditioning Training

Learning to move well with basic patterns—plank, squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry—is crucial to the overall development of any athlete, and should also be the focus of a young wrestler’s offseason strength conditioning


Jun, 2019

Wisconsin Wins Inaugural 14U Girls National Duals

Wisconsin has won the inaugural 14U Girls National Dual tournament in Tulsa, Okla. The Badger State went 6-0 and defeated their opponents a combined 224 – 121.


Jun, 2019

10 Ways To Train In The Summer

So what are some things any wrestler can do to train and develop? We look at 10 training strategies that anyone can implement during the hot summer months:


May, 2019

The Impact Of Age In Youth Wrestling

While there is a relative age effect in all sports, wrestling included, there are many variables that go into an athlete’s long-term development, says Danny Struck, head coach of the Jeffersonville (Jefferson, IN) High School wrestling team.


Apr, 2019

Olympians Burroughs, Askren To Battle May 6 At Beat The Streets

Olympians Jordan Burroughs, Ben Askren To Battle For First Time May 6 At Beat the Streets ‘Grapple At The Garden’.


Mar, 2019

Learning From Failure

How to Learn from the Lows
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