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---Wrestling is a contact sport and health and hygiene should be a priority. Common skin infections can be avoided in wrestling with some basic common sense.---

Health & Hygiene Tips for Wrestling

*Shower After Wrestling Practice or Competition

The best way to prevent wrestling skin diseases is by taking a shower immediately after wrestling practice. If a wrestler doesn’t shower right after practice, then as soon as you get home.

*Do not wear your wrestling shoes on the street

Wearing your shoes on the street can transmit diseases from your shoes to the mat.

You should carry your shoes into the room and put them on in the wrestling room.

*Keep Finger Nails Trimmed

Having your fingernails untrimmed is a quick way to spread skin infections. You can pass skin infections by scratching other people with long nails.

*Wash Wrestling Workout Clothes Frequently

*Keep street shoes off the mat

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