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The wrestling season:

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Sure, the season really is quite long (November to March). Still, it doesn't feel like it was time to be done. Not yet. Not quite.

Maybe it's because we've collectively been wrestling so well the last month, and winning doesn't get old. 

Maybe it's because regionals/state were suspended, and building to something that doesn't happen leaves you feeling empty.

Maybe it was going to feel that way, no matter when it ended.

Regardless of how it feels, we've got a pocket-full of dots and dashes, and quite a few of these ... | ..., waiting to be turned into letters. Let's get to the dotting and crossing!


As a growing and thriving club, we were not able to fallback on "what we did last year" this season. While it was challenging, requiring some on-the-fly decisions, it truly has been the definition of a Good Problem to Have.

In an effort to continue to improve, we need your help.

Please, click on this link and give us your feedback. It's 9 questions, mostly multiple choice. Two minutes - Tops. Don't hesitate to let 'er rip on the last three either! All feedback is welcome (positive, negative or in-different).

Thank you in advance!


There are plenty of singlets, shoes and headgear still floating out there that we need to collect and inventory. In the past, the main "turn in" date has been our banquet, but as you're going to see in about one section, that's not available to us. 

So, we need the entire club to turn in all their stuff during one of the following dates & times this week:

--Monday, March 16th - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
4535 Red Barn Run -- McFarland, WI 53558

--Thursday, March 19th - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
4535 Red Barn Run -- McFarland, WI 53558

While not necessary, it'd be helpful if you texted Coach Luke (651-387-4105) when you're planning to come!

Also, if these windows don't work and you need to make other arrangements, it's no problem at all. Life is busy. Email Coach Luke, to set it up: [email protected]


If you missed the foreshadowing in the section above, let's be more explicit here. It's postponed. 

Candidly, we have no clue when we're going to be comfortable getting 100+ people together, so its new, rescheduled date is very up in the air. That said, we have something for every wrestler, to commemorate the season, and we will find a way to get that personalized item to each and every Silver Spartan.

Continuing with the candor, it really stinks if this never happens. The #1 reason it exists is to do something fun for the kids, to reward them for a grueling season. We're going to do our best to have this, but if we're never able to reschedule (and it gets rolled into our MGM Club Summer Potluck and Party), it really will be a bummer.


If you didn't see the notice from the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation (WWF) regarding the Youth State Series, here it is. The key line says "The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation has postponed ... in hopes of conducting these events at a later date."  

In the case they're able to pull it back together, MGM is going to try to do the same, potentially holding some practices in preparation. Nothing concrete, but this season has been too profound a sentence to not put some punctuation at the end of it!

Stay tuned.


More emphasis on the "Season" than the "Off":

🤼 Brat Fest - Memorial Day Weekend - We're planning to have the club sign-up as a fund raiser, assuming it takes place. More details to come.
🤼 Club Potluck - Date TBD - We all get together, eat, and have a summer afternoon in the park the way wrestlers do. Hands-on.
🤼 Badger State Games - Saturday, June 20th - Yeah. There are summer tourneys as well. 

Now that we're transitioning out of being a little teamling, growing roots and thickening our trunks, we're going to look into doing things like this. Make a trip to Wausau, kick a few butts, and all hole up in a hotel for the night? Sounds like fun! 

Might we even see a couple coaches compete? "No" is such an ugly word...
🤼 Open Mats - Thursdays in June/July - We'll solidify the dates soon, but these are (no cost) opportunities for wrestlers and non-wrestlers alike to get out there, roll around a little bit, and have fun. We ask you to liberally spread the word about Open Mats to your non-wrestling friends.
🤼 Summer Wrestling Camp - Week of June 22nd - This is free of charge as well. We'll have a different guest instructor in all five days. Getting better is a year-round job!
🤼 Parades - Monday, 5/25/20 -- Saturday, 6/20/20 -- Sunday, 9/22/20 - We're again planning to parade through each of our three communities, letting them know that if they'll give wrestling a try, we'll Push 5! The Monona Memorial Day Parade is the one in May, the Cottage Grove Firemen's Festival Parade is the one in June, and the McFarland Family Festival Parade is the one in September. Let the candy fly!
🤼 Brat Frys - Weekends in the Fall - With the dual function of fund-raising and continuing the recruiting process, the goal is to hold one in each of three communities. Push-ups will again be prominently involved!


We've got three sponsors left. With this season taking an abrupt turn into Dunsville, we're going to have a very non-traditional 3-way match to finish it out!

Health Journey Chiropractic - Run by Melissa Luhrs, Health Journey is a kid-friendly practice specializing in Chiropractic Neurology and Pediatrics. They frequently tend to sports injuries dealing with the head.

You can reach Melissa at (608) 838-1203.

TeeGee Home Improvements - TeeGee is owned and run by Tom Gunderson, father of the trailblazer himself, Zach Gunderson. They do a pretty vast array of home improvement projects, and they do such good quality work that they're already booked out through much of 2020! (Which is the reason they were left until so late in the season.)

So, if you're planning to give Tom a call at (608) 535-0876, it makes the most sense to do it for longer-term planning on home improvement projects. 

Shane Rux Photography - Another family affair! Shane Rux is the uncle of couple of Silver Spartan Superstars, Luke (7th) and Cade (9th) Rux. If you are in the market for equine photography, please support those that support the businesses that support us, and give Shane a call at (813) 421-0391.

If you're not in that highly specialized market, I suggest giving their Facebook page a like, just to give their numbers a bump!



Good Morning MGM Wrestling Family, 


We are so grateful for a season of hustle, effort, and attitude as all of us bonded together to create a banner year for MGM Wrestling - Thank You. 


As we all continue to be acutely aware of COVID-19 potential effects on the health of our community, we are suspending our 2019-2020 Wrestling Season as of today, March 14th. 


We look forward to continuing to develop our program to create an exceptional experience for our wrestlers and families. We are committed to continuing to foster open communication with all of you and will be sending updates on opportunities to continue wrestling club activities, including end of year banquet, training opportunities, fundraising, and team building when the time is right. 


At this time, we want you to all know we are thinking of all of you and hope that all of your families stay safe and healthy. If you have any needs during this evolving pandemic, please reach out to the wrestling family for support. 


Kind regards,

Monica Gunderson

MGM Wrestling Club - President


While the high school team has been out setting record after record (MGM's first state win was Friday morning whenZach beat Freddy Lehrke), our youth Silver Spartans have been busy as well. Each of the last three Sundays (Milton-2/16, Sauk Prairie-2/23, Rio-3/1), they've been on the tournament grind, getting better each and every time they toe the line. We thought it might be nice to reflect on some of those achievements, as we head into Regionals, the end of our youth season.

🤼 JV Reimer - K - You can't get this kid off the mat with a shovel! He went to all three tourneys and dropped just a single match in that span, notching two 1sts and a 2nd.
🤼 Grayson Doll - K -Wrestling each of the last two weekends, this first year wrestler has run up a (4-1) record with 3 pins, over the last two weeks, finishing 1st and 2nd. 
🤼 Bo Hansen - K -  Bo got his first tourney action of the year at Sauk Prairie, notching a major and pin on this way to 2nd Place.
🤼 Calvin Kronenfeld - 1st - Despite a tough 8-man Milton bracket, Calvin tallied approximately one billion takedowns in route to a 4th Place finish at Milton
🤼 Isaiah Anderson - 2nd - After two pins, Isaiah won a back-and-forth, hard-fought match at Sauk Prairie to lock down his 1st Place finish.
🤼 Dylan Louison - 2nd - You'd think (4-2) with four pins would be reason to celebrate, but those two 2nd Place finishes have left a sour taste in his mouth, that he'll be looking to rinse at Verona.
🤼 AJ Carrick - 2nd - It was easy to see good things were on the horizon after his huge come-from-behind victory to secure 5th (of 8) at Milton. Those good things manifested themselves as a two-pin 2nd Place finish at Rio.
🤼 Westin Hodel - 2nd - Similarly, Westin turned a 5th Place at Milton, with an encouraging final match, into a 2nd at Rio. Westin and his brother Braedan have been on the road every weekend, getting better. The future is bright.
🤼 Patrick Fruits - 4th - After being taken down in each of the first two periods of (effectively) his championship match in Rio, it was Patrick that got the takedown and rideout to secure his 1st Place spot on the top of the podium!
🤼 Charlie Peterson - 4th - You can't do better than 1st, which is what Charlie took two weeks ago at Sauk Prairie. You don't want to get caught underneath this kid. It doesn't end well for you!
🤼 Kashton Sondreal - 4th - Scrappy is the best way to describe his 2nd Place finish at Rio, including late escape and defensive stand!
🤼 Graeme Vega - 4th - Graeme worked through a challenging 8-man bracket to finish in the Top 4 at Milton, besting a teammate along the way. 
🤼 Truman Mankowski - 7th - Truman not only notched a 2nd Place finish at Rio, but he made sure to swing over to the other gym, to support the younger Silver Spartans! Leadership at its finist!
🤼 Andrew Maly - 7th - Starting a sport in 7th grade isn't easy. Andrew has taken it in stride, always walking off the mat with a smile, and a 2nd Place finish at Sauk Prairie was evidence that hard work gets rewarded.

Plenty more K-8 Silver Spartans were out competing over the last three weekends, getting better and having fun. Congrats to Ethan Albrecht (K), AJ Fruits (K), Bryce Harris (1st), Zev Resnick (1st), Jonah Hawley (1st), Liam Mackey (2nd), Colin Hudgens (2nd), Braedan Hodel (4th), Kyle Carey (4th), Brevid Roth (7th), Chaston Dotzauer(7th), and Jacob BonJour (7th), many first year wrestlers, for getting out there, giving it your all, and improving in the process!

   = WATCH PARTY!!!   

Birds and Stones. 

When a restaurant is airing the highest level of folkstyle wrestling (save for NCAAs, maybe), and we get 10% of our bills at that restaurant donated to the club, yes we're going to throw that stone!

The plan is for everyone to meet at BWs in Monona tomorrow at ~2:15 pm (or whenever you're done at Verona) to watch the finals of the Big Ten Tournament, celebrate what we've just done at Verona, and raise some money for the club in the process. We hope we see everyone there!

And, yes, there will be a Pick 'Em Contest for the Silver Spartans, with pushups on the line!


Wohlers Heating & Cooling Logo.jpeg
351 Progress Drive
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
(608) 249-3407

If you're looking for a business that can last a full 6 minutes in the Sponsorship Circle, look no further than Wohlers Heating and Air Conditioning, who are now in their 30th year of business!

Run by Steve Wohlers (a former Monona Grove wrestler!), Wohlers is a family-owned HVAC business, located on Progress Drive in Cottage Grove. Ownership isn't the only place you'll find wrestlers at Wohlers. Steve, on hiring wrestlers: 

"We like to hire wrestlers (because of their) good work ethic." 

Wohlers Heating and Air Conditioning works in both the residential and the light commercial sectors, including installs for new builds/remodels as well as maintenance on existing furnaces and air conditioners. They do diagnostics too, so if your furnace stops working and you're too cold to figure out why, you can just give them a call. In doing so, you'll support the businesses that support us!  




Things tend to happen in a straight-forward, linear way. You do Step 1, then Step 2, then Step 3. Usually.

But, every once in a while, there's a big leap. The Industrial Revolution. Space travel. Your kid's attitude when they become teenagers. Sometimes, it all happens at once.

MGM is in the middle of that sort of leap. In one season, we've had our first conference champ, our first regional champ, the most Silver Spartans we've ever had wrestle at sectionals, and our first state qualifier. And, in the words of Happy Gilmore, "It ain't over yet, McGavin."

In these booms, you never know when it's going to end. Will MGM have its first win at state this season? Its second? Its first trip to the podium (Top 6)? 

The answers to all those questions will be answered starting this morning around 10:30 - 11:00 am when Zach Gunderson toes the line to take on Freddy Lehrke in the consolation bracket at the Kohl Center!

(Might there be a Facebook live video? Yeah. There might.)


The Lodi scrimmage marks the official/unofficial end to the K-2 season. It's official in that there will be no more K-2 practices after that. Our last K-2 practice is Monday, March 9th. It's unofficial in that if you have a K-2er that still wants to practice, they're welcome to attend 3-8 practices, with the huge caveats being that practice runs later (till 7:45, not 7:15) and they will be expected to behave. Of course K-2 kids are welcome to continue to wrestle at tournaments as well, with the Cambridge tournament on March 14th being the obvious one and Youth Regionals after that.

Regarding Lodi, we encourage all to attend! 

The club is sponsoring the entry fee for everyone. The logistics of getting to Lodi and being set for a 6 pm scrimmage can be challenging though. Please remember that MGM is family. Lean on each other if need be!

There is no "Trackwrestling" to sign-up. Instead, we would like everyone to sign-up on the Sign-Up Genius link below, and we, as a club, will send over one list.

Additionally, we need you to print the Lodi flyer that's attached, fill out the bottom, and bring it along on that Thursday. 


There was an error in the club email last week. 

It stated the "club tournament" for the weekend of March 6-8 was in Dodgeville. That tournament is going to take place, but we'd prefer to stay a little closer to home. That same day, a tournament in Verona is just that, closer to home. Please see the adjusted calendar and the attached tourney flyer.

Also, it looks like there are quite a few Silver Spartans signed up for Rio this weekend. After watching wrestling all weekend, it'll be nice to finish it by getting out on the mat and doing a little wrestling of our own!



HS State -No Youth TourneysHS State -No Youth Tourneys

K-8 TOURNEY: Cambridge HS


ELITE NIGHT PRACTICE🤼💪 😃3 - 8 PRACTICE🤼💪 😃3 - 8PRACTICE🤼💪 😃YOUTH STATE: Alliant Energy CenterYOUTH STATE: Alliant Energy Center


Just a little trick. If you let your waiter or waitress know that you're with Team M of the Home Team Advantage, and it would really help you out if he or she let a few of his or her biggest tables (or all of them) know about it ... well ... it's a service industry and the waitstaff wants to serve you. 😉😉😉



Dan Chin Homes Logo.png

5920 Exchange Street
McFarland, WI 53558

Moving into the circle today is a company that knows all about moving: Dan Chin Homes!

Located right in McFarland, Dan Chin and his team handle Dane County and the surrounding areas, but specialize right here, in our community. And, by specialize, we don't just mean helping people buy and sell houses, though they do, in fact, do that. Dan Chin, his wife Meg, and their team also give back.

They are a willing booster for local teams and clubs, they put on the yearly Easter Egg hunt in Arnold Larson Park (where we all come out of our winter caves and see the sun again for the first time), and they run the Dan Chin Homes Foundation, helping local people with living costs. McFarland is better for having Dan Chin Homes in it.

So, if you are considering buying or selling, reach out to them for a free Listing Consultation. Their team will lay out all the info you need to make the most informed decision you can, and then, if you think relocation is right, they'll help you with that too!


Lodi Scrimmage