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Our season is winding down... 😔
  • Our PreK - 2nd grade group will wrestle through March 23rd (3 more practices)
  • Our 3rd - 8th grade group will wrestle through March 25th (4 more practices)
But(!!), while season may be coming to a close soon, the wrestling is not. Like Hamilton after the Revolutionary War, the wrestling is non-stop!

Starting this Sunday (March 7th) and running through the end of May (30th), we will be holding Sunday Open Mats for anyone interested!

WHO: Anyone ready to wrestle (A USA Wrestling Card is *NOT* required.)
WHEN: Every Sunday between now and the end of May except Mother's Day (5/9/21) from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
WHERE: Spartan Day Camp
COST: Free
WHAT: Just wrestling

The intent of these Open Mats is for those that just finished their season and those that were unable to practice with us this season to have a chance to simply wrestle. There will be little-to-no large group instruction, but rather, one-on-one tips, tricks and pointers. There will be a few drills, and at times, we'll wrestle live in targeted positions. 

By-and-large though, we're just going to wrestle!

A couple other notes:

 We typically get our insurance coverage via USA Wrestling, but we've purchased a standalone policy. That means having a USA Wrestling Card is *NOT* a requirement.

 There are no age limits, but we're just going to be wrestling. If your son/daughter isn't ready (either endurance and attention span-wise), there will be another Open Mat this summer more suited for them. 

 Both our insurance and our single mat at Spartan Day Camp restrict how many people we can have in an Open Mat session. Because of that, we ask you use the Sign-Up Genius link to let us know you're coming. If we start getting close to 25, we'll add a second session, either before or after the first.

 We're still in Dane County, which means we're required to wear masks. But, we will be working with multiple partners. They'll still be kids of close size, so no more than five. More than one though.

 If you haven't done so for practice, we'll need you to sign and bring in Spartan Day Camp's COVID and General Waiver, both of which are attached. 

That's it for now, MGM!


Weekly Club Email

 12-3-20 CLUB EMAIL

Silver Spartans!!!

That's Right. The BIG one! Registration is open. The apparel stores are open. We're selling masks. We need volunteer coaches. All of it. ALL OF IT!

First, we want to apologize to everyone who has already indicated they're not wrestling this season. We included everyone for this one last email. That way, if you'd like Silver Spartan apparel, you'll know where to find it. Also, with everything pandemic-related being so fluid, we want everyone to have practice and registration info, in case things change.

This is the last mass email though, we promise!


We're mentioning this first, ahead of registration, because of its timeliness. THIS STORE CLOSES IN ONE WEEK -- (12/9)!!! 

👉👉👉 Here's that link. 👈👈👈

If you'd like any Silver Spartan branded gear, this is Option #1. There are no shipping charges in this store, as the orders come to the club, to be distributed. We'd recommend the sleeveless hoodies. What good are all those push-ups going to be if we're not going to show off the guns?


We also have a second, entirely separate store open. It's the one you'll see on our site when you register this season, or you can also access it directly.

👉👉👉 Here's that link. 👈👈👈

The second store doesn't close and ships directly to you, for $5.99. While you can wait to make your order, if you submit your order by December 7th, they say you will receive it in time for 🎄🎁CHRISTMAS🎁🎄.


If we're going to practice in masks (we are), we're going to practice looking good in our masks! We have Silver Spartan masks in both the traditional and gaiter style. Like the first store, THIS STORE CLOSES IN ONE WEEK -- (12/9)!!! 

👉👉👉 Here's that link. 👈👈👈

Just remember, even after the coronavirus is gone, Wisconsin cold won't be. If you cover your face while clearing snow, the neighbors can't look out their windows and tell you're swearing about how much your back hurts!


Let's address the uncertainty right up top. Everything is fluid. 

We are planning to have Public Health Madison & Dane County re-open indoor gatherings for 10 people, effective December 16th, and to hold two separate but concurrent 10-kid practices. It's also possible that won't be the case. 
  • It's possible they'll extend the indoor gathering ban, and we'll have to push back practice. 
  • It's also possible, at some point this season, we as a community will get the virus spread under control, and we'll even get to wrestle at wrestling practice. 
We just don't know.

We're committed to following all local and state-wide guidance. We're also committed to keeping socially distanced and masked for all practices until it becomes safe to stop. We're not messing around with this virus.

But, we're also committed to having practice. We're committed to continuing to build toughness and resiliency and good physical fitness habits. And, we're darn sure still having fun. Wrestling is important, so we're committed to teaching it.

As strange as it sounds, we're taking our cues from S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, in this regard. 

We ask that you bear with us, as we navigate everything together. If you register for practice, and we're never allowed to have it, we will refund your payment. 


Here's the schedule, starting the Week of December 14th (Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th):

You'll notice 1st grade is split across two sessions. It was easily our biggest group, so we had to spread them out. If you're registering a 1st grader, you're welcome to decide whether they prefer the hour-long practice, or maybe they only have the attention-span for the shorter one.

Also, we did our best to take into account everyone's scheduling availability, along with the availability we were given in our temporary home. If your schedule prevents you from registering for the age-appropriate section, you're welcome to select another. Though it might behoove your eighth grader to brush up on his or her Paw Patrol knowledge before signing up for a Wednesday practice!


321 Progress Drive
Cottage Grove, WI 53527

A special thanks to Uselman Plumbing in Cottage Grove. After the ownership passed from father to son, and the business was relocated, the building could have been sold. Instead, they're renting it to us for as favorable a rate as they could afford to do.

It has heat, restrooms and plenty of space. Given our desperation, we could not have found a better spot.


No Parents or Siblings - It's not that we don't want you there. We do! It's just that until restrictions lift, we can't have you there. It's 10 + employees (coaches), for each practice. That's it.
Drop-off / Pick-up - We're going to have you pull up and just drop off your Silver Spartans. Then, please leave! (The parking lot isn't super spacious. If you'd like to park on Progress Drive and wait, that will probably work.)
Bring to Practice, Once - The facility is requiring we have the attached waiver on file for each wrestler. Please sign-and-bring it along the first practice.
Bring to Practice, Always -  A water bottle with your name on it. (No sharing water fountains.)  A bag, in case we need to send something home.  Our COVID-19 release, that we'll send out when we have it all set.  Shoes, maybe. (If your little one can't put on and tie their own shoes, non-street worn slip-ons or just socks are fine.)
Bring to Practice --NEVER-- - Anything contagious!!! Please, pretty please, if you're feeling anything but tip-top shape, stay home. One case of it in our building wreaks havoc on everything. Please.


Here it is, the link to register for this season, or you can just click the link "REGISTER" in the top-right corner of our website,, and get at it.

Before you register with the club, you'll have to register or renew your membership with USA WrestlingHere's the link to do that.

The USA Wrestling card costs $40, as does our registration. $80 total. If you're interested in our scholarship program, please Reply with "Scholarship," and we can discuss what that entails.

Any other questions? Shoot 'em our way!


Just a quick note about our financial situation. We're a non-profit club. The three main ways we raise funds are through fundraisers, sponsorships, and your registration dues. This year, for obvious reasons, we were unable to have any fundraisers. We also expect our registration to be way down. 

On the flip side, the only time before this season that we had to rent space was last year, for one night per week. Now, we're paying rent for every single practice. This season undoubtedly will be our most expensive, from an operations standpoint.

Still, we have decided not to raise our registration dues. Our position has always been that we refuse to have money be the deciding factor on whether or not someone decides to wrestle. We continue to hold that stance. 

Instead, we ask those who can, please donate to our club. While we can't replace the lost revenue, we hope we can pay for our new 2020-2021 expense, rent, via donations. Two ways to donate: 1) When registering, you'll be prompted to donate & 2) via our GoFundMe.

Please give what you can.

(And, if you have a rich uncle that loves GoFundMes, pass this along to him for us, will ya?)


We need coaches. Maybe "coaches" would be more appropriate. We'll have a head coach for each 10-kid practice, which should be manageable. But, we'll have no parents present, who are so valuable when there's a bump or bruise or another emergency. We need "coaches" to help with that. Also, we need someone to do administration (attendance), some videoing, and to help demonstrate. 

Ideally, we'd have one volunteer per 10-kid practice, two per practice session, for all 4 practice sessions each week. 

If you're interested in volunteering, you'll be prompted when registering your child. You can just Reply here as well. To be a coach, you'll have to register with USA Wrestling, and complete a background check and SafeSport course. The background check lasts two seasons, so if you completed one last year, you're good.

Also, instead of reimbursing you for those fees, we're going to pay you the amount equal to what you paid for the course, the screen, and the card. A distinction without a difference to be sure, but a necessary one this year.


For those who are still interested in being Silver Spartans, but for obvious reasons, this isn't the year, this section is for you. We think we have an idea on how we can keep your child engaged and growing as a wrestler, while not leaving your house. We've also got something to commemorate last season we'd like to pass along.

Please Reply to this email with SINTY to let us know, and we'll reach out personally to go over everything. 

Oh, and thank you for sticking with us!

.../Exhales Loudly/

That was quite a doozy of an email. Thanks to all that made it to the end!