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Silver Spartans!!!

It's almost time for the best part of wrestling... THE WRESTLING!


The πŸ€Όβ€β™‚️CLASHπŸ’ͺ & πŸŒŠSPLASHπŸ’¦ is one week from today! 

The πŸ€Όβ€β™‚️CLASHπŸ’ͺ -- We're going roll out the competition mat on the football field at Ahuska Park in Monona, line the mat on every side with family and friends in lawn chairs, and get some real, full-length matches in.

We just need to know who's planning to be there!

Because the wrestling is at 4 pm, and we don't have the pool until 7 pm, we were thinking of having a potluck-type dinner. But, that's just another thing.

So, instead, we're just going to have everyone fend for themselves for food. There are tons of food options right there, for pick-up or delivery (Taco Bell, Noodles, Red Robin, Qdoba, etc). The park has a pavilion with tables for us to use, and the club will bring plates, napkins, plastic silverware and other shareable supplies.

The πŸŒŠSPLASHπŸ’¦ -- Then, at 7 pm, we have the Monona Pool reserved for just us!

The swimming is for all of MGM, obviously. Any family or friends who come to watch are welcome to take a dip as well. Feel free to bring along neighbors, classmates, or any other prospective Silver Spartans to watch some wrestling and then hit the pool!

We'll put on some competitions at the pool (largest splash, smallest splash, craziest dive, furthest swim underwater, etc). Also, wrestling. Lots of water wrestling!

Please sign-up as early as possible, so we can get the matches sorted out!


For the month of August, we're going to do an MGM Push-Up Challenge

Attached you'll see a blank sheet for you to log your Silver Spartans' work. We want you to print one per wrestler. (Yup! A real, live, piece of paper!)

You'll see that for each day in August, there's space to log the total number of push-ups, along with several slots for reps and sets. You're welcome to do as many or as few reps per set as you'd like. As you fatigue, reduce the reps per set or add time between sets if you need. There's only one rule:

GOOD FORM ON EVERY REP!! (Parents -- You're the refs!)

At the end of the month, we'll acknowledge and reward winners for Most Total Push-Ups and Most Days Doing Push-Ups, across two age groups: --upcoming 4th graders-and-younger and --upcoming 5th graders-and-older (HS included).

You're encouraged to take pics of your log page during August, to post progress to the MGM Families group.

And, yes, we want to you to print out a sheet of paper. In this digital world, we want a physical thing sitting on your kitchen table, coffee table or entertainment center, reminding you. We fully expect it to end up with coffee stains, some toddler art, or maybe someone's phone number scribbled on the bottom. 

Here's a sample:

☐ Print in Landscape mode
☐ Reminder to use good form
☐ Got tired on Friday the 5th and had to reduce reps
☐ Missed a day Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


Here's our upcoming schedule. Starting this Saturday, for the next two months, at least, we'll have Open Mats every Monday (6 pm - 7:30 pm) and Saturday (8 am - 9:30 am), except Labor Day Weekend.

Time on the mat is everything.



That's right, MGM!!!

With camp starting today at 5 pm in Nichols Gym, our season is officially underway. That means today is the first chance this year for you to make this decision:

   Am I going to be good at this sport?   

After all, 9 out of 10 matches at the youth level are going to be won by the person with more TOTM (Time on the Mat). Put in the time, and you will see results. It really is that simple. 

So, if those tears coming off the mat in January-March are hard to stomach (they are!), running up your TOTM in the summer will help dry them by not crying them.

Ryan Taylor is leading camp today. Ryan is former 3-year starter for the Wisconsin Badgers, whose career was cut short by injuries. Still, Taylor was a 3-time NCAA qualifier wearing the Motion W. In 2015, he was a 133-pound Big Ten Tournament finalist, a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament, and an All-American. Ryan now runs a private club, RT Elite, operating out of Blue Mound.

The club is footing the bill, so the camp is free to Silver Spartans. We just need you to sign-up here: 


Back on May 19th, we sent out an MGM calendar of events for June and July. Here, we've added the first week of August, so you can put our inaugural CLASH πŸ€Ό & SPLASH πŸŒŠ on your calendar!

CLASH & SPLASH is a two-part MGM activity on Sunday, August 7th. First, at 4 pm, we're putting on an intrasquad wrestling event. We're going to roll the mat out in Ahuska Park in Monona and wrestle real matches, out under the sky, against our teammates!

We're inviting family and friends to come by, pull up law chairs next to the mat, and take it all in!

Then, from 7 - 9pm, we've reserved the Monona Pool for a private pool party. Anyone in attendance at the wrestling (family and friends included) is invited to the pool. 
  • Will there be a belly flop contest? 
  • Will anyone within several feet of the pool be at risk of being pushed in? 
  • Will we put the lifeguards' whistles to the test wrestling in the shallows? 
Who's to tell? (Yes. The answer is Yes!)


When new people sign up, one of the questions we ask is "How'd you hear about MGM?" Invariably, the #1 answer is "Parade." For all three parades across all three communities, we've got to show up and make our presence felt. Our next opportunity to do that is this Saturday (6/18) in Cottage Grove!

Everyone, but especially those that live in the Monona Grove district, we need you on Saturday. We need your neighbors and classmates to see you all, out there slanging candy and pushing the earth, smiles and muscles in tow! 

Please see the attachment for additional information and sign-up here:

Also, if you're not able to make it, but would still like to help, we never finish a parade with candy left. Never. The club is planning to purchase ~$100 worth of additional candy for the parade. If you'd like to donate to that, the easiest way is to give to the club Venmo account: 

See you all tonight, MGM!




... to March in the Monona Memorial Day Parade!

Actually, Silver Spartans, we pretty much NEED you!

Every year, we march in a parade in each of our three communities:

πŸšΆπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Monona on Memorial Day
πŸšΆπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Cottage Grove in mid-June
πŸšΆπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ McFarland in the September

The Memorial Day Parade is, by far, the hardest to find people for because of out-of-town travel plans. And, we know you're not changing your travel plans for this.

So... if you are going to be in town on Monday morning, we need you for less than two hours and more than a few push-ups!

WHO: Any and all MGM Silver Spartans and their parents
WHAT: Bring a bag of candy and a bucket. Walk the parade route handing out candy and doing push-ups for anyone that says they'll try wrestling
WHERE: Line-up at Monona Grove HS and march to LaFollette HS
WHEN: Monday, May 30th. The ceremony starts at 9:30 am and the parade at 10:00 am. We need you there by 9:00-9:15
WHY: Because there's no amount that is too many Silver Spartans!

The parade theme is patriotic, so we're all going to wear navy blue MGM shirts, with red white everything else!

If you going to be in town, please sign-up using this link and take 2 hours out of your Memorial Day Monday to rep your club!


There are going to be Nerf darts particles representing every color in the rainbow. Just think the beauty after that first mow! 

We hope you all had fun, MGM!!

Oh, and congrats to Patrick Fruits, who was the King of the Mat in maybe the biggest version we've ever run!

We're not doing any formal survey or anything, but we certainly would like to hear feedback, if you have any. Just Reply to this email and let us know what you liked, what you didn't, and any other ideas you have. 

Also, here is everything that was left behind. Please, let us know if any of it is yours, and we'll get it back to you!

See you Monday, MGM!





We've shivered with a sunburn. We've worn flip flops and a sweatshirt. We've used both our car heaters and car air conditioners on the same day. 

Wisconsin Summer is near!

We, Silver Spartans, have a lot on our plate this summer, which we can break up neatly into four categories: SocialWrestlingPromotion, and Fundraising.


We're planning to get together, as a club, and have some fun this summer, maybe as often once a month. As the saying goes, the families that play together, win state together (paraphrasing)!

That fun starts THIS SUNDAY...

From 4 pm to 7 pm (May 22nd), we're hosting a potluck picnic at Firemen's Park in Monona. The club will be grilling out brats and hot dogs for everyone. Please see the link below to sign up to bring something, as well as give us a headcount to know how much meat to purchase.

We'd love to see EVERYONE there. (Well, here β€΅οΈ)

In addition to a nice family dinner, we're planning a kickball game and some wrestling. Also, please bring whatever Nerf weaponry you have because we're having a war! Will the punishment for getting hit be push-ups? Well, the earth isn't going to push itself!

Sunday Funday this weekend!


The way to improve vis-a-vis your opponents is to practice longer than them, more often than them, or more efficiently than them. All of those can be pretty difficult during the season. They're practicing too.

In the summer though, the left lane is wide open, and ready for you to hit the gas. It's passing season.

We have plenty of opportunities for you to do just that.

Open Mats - We have two Sunday Open Mats left, from 1:00 - 2:30 pm in Nichols gym: this Sunday (5/22) and next Sunday (5/29). Show up, and be ready to get some scrapping in!

We're additionally hosting club Open Mats on Monday, July 18th, Tuesday, July 26th, and Thursday, July 28th, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

MGM Camp - The last couple years, we've held a consecutive week of camp, but this year, in an effort to make it more available to everyone's varying schedule, we're staggering the dates. Here are our five days of camp to put on your calendar.

πŸ“… Monday, June 13th  - Ryan Taylor - Ryan is a former Badger All-American and runs RT Elite, a private wrestling club in the area.
πŸ“… Tuesday, June 28th - Cedric Gibson - Cedric is former All-American for the Whitewater Warhawks. He's currently the lead instructor for Sarbacker Wrestling Academy, another private wrestling club in the area.
πŸ“… Wednesday, July 6th - Austin Gomez - Austin is a current Badger wrestler, having just finished 4th at the most recent Division 1 NCAA Tournament.
πŸ“… Monday, July 11th - Garrett Model - Garrett is also a current Badger wrestler, but when he's not upsetting the #4 guy in the country, he's a coach at Team Nazar, yet another private club in the area.
πŸ“… Thursday, July 14th - Jaritt Shinhoster - Jaritt is not just a current Warhawk wrestler. After this past season, he can now be called a National Champion!

All of these guest clinicians will be running practice from 5 pm to 7 pm in Nichols Gym. The club is covering the cost, so all you have to do is show up and get better!

Team Nazar Camp - As you might have noticed, there's a week missing in our camp schedule. That is to accommodate this event, which we highly recommend. The ages have since been opened up to include anyone that can handle four hours of instruction in a day.

Team Nazar has become our club of choice, due to proximity, for sure (east side of Madison), but also thanks the excellent instruction and amazing partners there. For us to compete with the best teams in the state, private clubs are a must.

We currently have kids from 2nd grade through high school senior training there, and really, we need to have a handful from each graduating class, at least. Anyone whose goal is to stand on the top step of a podium should consider it. 

If you're on the fence, know this. Zach Gunderson trained there. Kristian Schlicht trained there. Guenther Switzer trained there. Our state qualifier banner might as well double as a Team Nazar yearbook. Jaden Denman and Luke Rux are there regularly. Think we'll see their names high on the wall soon?

Success isn't an accident. In wrestling, you choose to succeed.


It's again time to get the word out about what we've got going. One key way we do that is through parades, one in each community. Here is the schedule:

Monona - Memorial Day Parade - Monday, May 30th, starting at 10:00 am at the Monona High School and marching down Monona Drive.
Cottage Grove - Fireman's Festival Parade - Saturday, June 18th, starting at 11:30 am at Cottage Grove Elementary School.
McFarland - Community Festival Parade - Saturday, September 24th.

We hope to have everyone at each parade, but the Memorial Day parade tends to be the most sparsely attended, thanks to conflicting Memorial Day *stuff*. If you are going to be around, please plan to take a stroll with us, helping to keep local dentists in business and while letting the community know that what MGM is all about! (It's push-ups, mainly!)


While we don't have concrete dates yet, we are planning to do a Brat Fry fundraiser in every community again this year. We usually try for fall Saturdays without home Badger games.

Here is everything, in one place, through July.

Summer's here, MGM!


PS - Remember to sign-up for this weekend, ASAP!



In This Email:
1- "Off" Season Training Schedule

Good Morning MGM!!!

With our End-of-the-Year Banquet / 40 Birthday Party one week into the rearview mirror, it's time to discuss the off-season schedule. (Coach Karl prefers "other" season.)
Our first Open Mat is TODAY from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. There will be some light instruction, but also games and plenty of wrestling.

The "Off" Season Schedule

(The summer schedule could change slightly based on clinician availability.)

One quick observation about wrestling...

  β¬œ The winner of a match.
  β¬œ The winner of a tournament.
  β¬œ The state champion.

None of these go to the best wrestler. They go to the better wrestler. 

There are no Triple Threat matches or Royal Rumbles in what we do. A match is just two people, one wins.

When you view wrestling through this lens (simply beating the person across from you), the importance of "off" season work becomes obvious. During the season, sure you practice, but so does your opponent. The only way to make up ground/lengthen your lead is to practice more often, longer, harder, or just generally more effectively.

After the season has ended though, and our opponents have moved on to other sports, or nothing at all, a huge opportunity presents itself. If their skills deteriorate while we hold ours, we become better than our opponents. If our opponents are getting worse as we're getting better, the gains are exponential.

That's all to say, the "off" season is the passing lane. 

Being good is a choice. Let's step on the gas.


PS - That sugar isn't going to burn itself off...



In This Email (lots of signing up):

1- G-Man Finishes Off The High School Season
2- Remaining Youth Schedule
3- Lodi Scrimmage (Sign-Up by this weekend)
4- 3rd-5th Grade Team State / Verona Classic
5- Individual Youth State (Sign-Up)
6- End of the Year Banquet (Sign-Up)
7- MGM Board Meeting
8- Mount Horeb Photos
9- Sponsorship Circle


Looks like this banner needs an update!

Last weekend, Guenther Switzer became MGM's third state qualifier, in our third straight season. Moreover, he won not 1, not 2, not 2, but 4(!) matches to secure a 5th-Place finish there.

When you frame those four wins at state next to the four total wins he had his freshman year, it's eye opening. In this sport, hard work is rewarded.

Congrats, G-Man!!

   Remaining Youth Schedule   

   Lodi Scrimmage   

Next Thursday, there will be no practice at Nichols Gym. 

Instead, we will travel to Lodi for a multi-team scrimmage. The event runs from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in their high school. 

We dropped the ball by not getting the Sign-Up out earlier, so we need you to sign-up by this weekend. 

Here's the link: Lodi Scrimmage

This is an incredibly low-stakes way to get a few matches against kids from another school. There's no TrackWrestling link. No bracket. No 90 minutes between matches.

They'll start out with afull group warm-up. Then, they'll divide the kids up by grade/weight, and they'll just run matches within that group for the rest of the scrimmage. If you're planning to try for state, this is an excellent opportunity!

This also represents the end to our season for anyone not going on to try to qualify for state. Because of that, we'll have huge bins ready to check gear (shoes, singlets, etc) back in. 

   3rd-5th Grade Team State 
Verona Classic   

This weekend, we're dividing and we're conquering.

Sunday, 17 of our 3rd-5th graders (plus Aamir!) will be heading to Fond du Lac High School to compete in the Youth Team State competition. There, we'll have dual meets against some of the top squads in Wisconsin, including duals with Luxemburg-Casco and Wisconsin Rapids.

Here, you can see where their High School Teams stack up, as far as Team State:

Certainly, with only one 5th grader who agreed to join us, we could have waited until next year to mix it up with the Who's Who of Wisconsin. Instead, we're busting into that gym like the Kool-Aid man, letting the state know: Ready or Not....

Meanwhile, the rest of our competing Silver Spartans will head out to Verona for their 8-man brackets and tough competition. We will have coaches there as well, for everyone looking to toe the line!

Flyers for both competitions are attached.

   Individual Youth State   

The regional qualifier for Youth State is Saturday, March 19th in Evansville.
Youth State itself is on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. This series of competitions is the actual end to our season.

You will have to sign-up on TrackWrestling for both the Qualifier and for Youth State, but in addition to that, we ask that if you're considering taking a shot at state, that you sign-up on this Sign-Up Genius link as well, to help us make coaching plans.

Here is the link: Youth State Qualifier.

COACHES - Take special note to this section from the attached Youth State flyer.

The Copper Certification is pretty painless but takes a little bit of time. Let us know if you have any questions.

   End of the Year Banquet   

Our end of the year banquet will be on April 10th at 4:30 pm at Spartan Bowl in McFarland. We will serve pizza and sponsor bowling.

If you haven't turned in your gear by then, this will be your last chance to save us coaches a trip to your house to collect it.

Additionally, everyone will get something to commemorate their season, and the coaches will speak to close out the season. We'll send our 8th graders off to high school and discuss our future.

We need to give the Spartan Bowl a head count, so they can get everything they need.

Here is the link: End of the Year Banquet

Also, we have given our word there will be no wrestling on the alleys, but we had our fingers crossed when we said it! πŸ€ž

   MGM Board Meeting   

MGM will hold its monthly board meeting on Sunday, March 13th at 7 pm at Spartan Bowl in McFarland. Board meetings are open to any and all MGM parents. We invite you to come by and see how the sausage is made.

Additionally, in April, we'll be holding our annual board elections. We are always in need of new blood. If you're able, please join us and help out. The more hands there are to lift, the lighter the load for all.

   Mount Horeb Photos   

Our own John Maniaci was on site back in January for the Mount Horeb Multi-Duals, and as photographers tend to do, he snapped some shots! Feel free to peruse this work here: Mount Horeb Photos. Per John, you can download anything you'd like.

The password is mgm.

While we suggested he get paid for his work, he insisted that it act as a mini fundraiser for the club instead. So, if you'd like, here is the link to the MGM "Bun Fund," which we will use to purchase Meat and Buns for Brat Fry fundraisers coming later this year.

Venmo: MGM

   Sponsorship Circle   

2513 Seiferth RoadMadison, WI 53716(608) 285-2951

Stepping first into the Sponsorship Circle today is restaurant that's always ready when Coach Karl says "We're going live" because that's just the type of music they specialize in!

Co-owned by our own MGM Coach/Dad, Dan Resnick, the soon-to-open Red Rooster will be open four days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) for lunch and dinner, specializing in a unique combination of bar food, dumplings and Wisconsin fare.

The the heart and soul of the Red Rooster is music, picking up where the recently closed Knuckle Down Saloon left off. It's a Blues Club, but will also feature Rock 'n' Roll. And, if you come in on the right night, you might catch Coach Dan on the sax for the Madtown Mannish Boys!

5402 Paulson Road
McFarland, WI 53558
(608) 838-3900

Stepping into the Sponsorship Circle next is a business that wouldn't need instruction on how to do a chin wrench, Tom's Auto Center. After 36 years in business, that shouldn't be too surprising!

Tom's is an independent auto repair facility that can handle any and all mechanical repair needs. Windshield to Tail Light. Oil Change to Engine Replacement. They've been in business since April Fool's Day, 1986, owned and operated by Tom Schoenmann. In the last couple years, Tom's brought on a long-time employee (also named Tom) to take over. During the 5-year period where the ownership transition is taking place, you can literally get automotive instruction from a TomTom!

They don't just want to fix your car; they want to help protect your family's vehicles for life. They pride themselves on their Small Town Feel - Big Time Service.

MGM, whether your car is down or you just need a dumpling, support the sponsors that support us!




In This Email:

1- High School Squad Setting Records
2- Parent Survey
3- 3rd-5th Team State Info
4- Remaining Practice & Competition Schedule
5- End of the Year Banquet
6- Shoe (and Singet) Return
7- Sponsorship Circle


It's going to get repetitive over the next couple years, but that doesn't mean we are going to stop mentioning it. The high school squad set a ...

🌟Program Record🌟 

... last weekend, pushing 8 Silver Spartans through to sectionals:

🀼 126 Jaden Denman
🀼 132 Joel Karls
🀼 145 Andrew Maly
🀼 160 Cade Rux
🀼 170 Luke Rux
🀼 182 Bradon Dyer-Ysaguirre
🀼 195 Jacob Bonjour
🀼 220 Guenther Switzer

This weekend in Fort Atkinson, the competition ramps up, as two regionals merge, with only the Top 2 from each bracket advancing to state. Wrestling starts at 9:30 am. Let's show up, MGM, loud and proud, for our squad!

   Parent Survey   

We sent this out last week but wanted to run it by you one more time. If you haven't given us your 2Β’, please do so. We can only improve if we know what needs to be fixed!

Also, if there's an issue, particularly with coaching, you don't have to wait until an anonymous survey comes out! Hit Reply, or approach a coach before or after practice. Those are the things we want to address ASAP. Making sure your child's experience is top-notch is our top priority!

The SurveyHere

   3rd - 5th Grade Team State   

Sunday, March 6th is fast approaching!

This Monday (2/21), we are having wrestle-offs. Your child just needs to show up to practice, dressed in normal practice gear. No singlet needed. If you've got a wrestle-off, you won't practice until afterward. Coach Karl will run practice on one mat, and we'll wrestle off on the other. After you're done, you'll jump over there with Coach Karl.

The wrestle-offs will be matches of three 1-minute periods, with a ref and a time-/scorekeeper. The winner will be the "starter," but save for the 2nd graders wrestling off for at 53 pounds, everyone is on the squad.

Also, we're going to have at least one additional Team State practice, on Saturday, February 26th, from 8:30 - 10:00 am at Nichols Gym. It's going to be very low intensity. We're mainly going to discuss strategy (Dual Strategy, Match Strategy, Positional Strategy, How to wrestle our best match). We'll do a little sparring and weigh-in. We'll have everyone bring their singlets to do that.

Please let me know if you cannot make that practice. If not, I'm going to try to find a couple minutes to chat with your child, at practice or another time.

   Remaining Practice and Competition Schedule   

Individual and Team State aren't the only competitions upcoming. Here's the schedule the rest of the way.

  • The flyers for every single remaining competition are attached.
  • Sauk Prairie is this weekend on Sunday. We should have a good crew there. Registration can close, so sign up sooner rather than later!
  • Practices are coming to an end.
    • 7th-8th Grade's last early practice is Wednesday, February 23rd. After that, they'll practice with the 3rd-6th graders on Monday & Wednesday evenings.
    • PreK-2nd Grade's last practice will be Tuesday, February 8th. For those continuing to wrestle, they'll practice with the 3rd-6th graders on Monday & Wednesday evenings.
    • The last youth practice is Wednesday, March 23rd.
  • The Lodi Scrimmage is March 10th. There will be Sign-Up Genius link out next week, which is the only thing you'll have to do to enroll. For everyone not wrestling at State, it's the unofficial end to our season.
  • The weekend of March 12th and 13th, there are basically no local tournaments. Everything is 2 hours away. 

   End of the Year Banquet   

Our End-of-the-Year Banquet is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th at 3:30 pm at Spartan Bowl in McFarland. The club is sponsoring bowling and pizza. We'll hand out awards and do some recognition. 

The only thing we'll need from you is for you to sign up, and that Sign-Up Genius will be out soon. For now, we just wanted to put it on your calendar.

   Gear Return   

We have ~1 million pairs of outstanding shoes. Many are with kids no longer wrestling. Can you please, pretty please, with a πŸ’ on top, return them to practice? 

If you can't, Coach Luke will drive to your place to grab them. No problem. If that's the plan, we just need you to hit Reply to 1) confirm you have them and 2) let us know when you're available. Thanks!

(Singlets too!)

   Sponsorship Circle   

D. Webster-Scher Agency
821 East Washington Avenue 
Suite 110
Madison, WI 53703

(608) 249-3111 - Call or Text

When you wrestle, you never know what might happen, which makes D. Webster-Scher Agency perfect for the Sponsorship Circle, as their entire business is planning for "What if?" 
Dave Scher and his team are an insurance agency providing Property (homeowners, rental, condos), Casual (auto, boat, ATV, jetski, "All The Toys"), LifeUmbrella, and Commercial/General Liability insurance to their clients. 

And, they've been providing it for a looooonnnnggg time! Their average client has been with them for over 15 years. Dave's lineage with American Family goes much further back than that! Dave's grandfather was a founding member of the first American Family agency, and Dave's father sold the first American Family life insurance policy.

You can't maintain clients for that long without providing superb service, which is just what they do. Stop in if you'd like! Text with questions! If you're a client of D. Webster-Scher, you have five different representatives at your disposal! Then, if something ever happens, you know exactly who you're talking to, as they work to get everything handled for you.

Email, call, text, or stop in to see if they can help you out, as we support the sponsors that support us, MGM!





It's results season. 

Over the next four weeks, the high school Silver Spartans will progress through the conference tournament, regional tournament, sectional tournament, and state tournament. With each successive event, the importance will build, hopefully ending with MGM's first-ever state place-winner!

This past weekend started that journey, with the conference tournament. MGM got after it, if we can say so ourselves! They sent just eight wrestlers to the event and five placed!

Guenther Switzer topped the podium at 220 pounds, taking out a second different Stoughton big man this season in the process.

This week marks G-Man's march to the state podium!


Jaden Denman finished 3rd at 126, avenging an upset loss during the Waunakee dual one week earlier, with a 16-point swing!

10-2 Major Decision Loss -> 13-5 Major Decision Victory

Jaden will look for revenge for a Milton loss from earlier this season at sectionals, in hopes to make his way to state!

Freshman Phenom Luke Rux, fought his way to a 4th Place finish at the conference tournament at 170 pounds. Might he forego gradual progression and breakthrough to state in his very first attempt? Time will tell!

Luke's brother Cade Rux also made his way to the podium this past weekend, finishing in 5th in the 15-team Badger Conference. Cade beat Watertown's Mason Fritsche for a second and third time on the season at 160, with the win in the 5th Place match highlighting why wrestling is so great!

Cade won this match, hearing the sweetest sound in wrestling to finish it.

Rounding out the group was Brandon Dyer-Ysaguirre, who has been all action since returning to the mat. He finished 7th at 182.

Then, on Monday, 11 MGM Reserves headed out to "JV Conference" where they brought home six titles!

These hands belong to Dominick HyattTrycen BlakeTiesto Noun-HaasAndrew MalyJacob Bonjour, and Brevid Roth

That's four freshmen and two sophomores, if you're keeping track! Can someone turn the future down, it's blinding?! β˜€οΈπŸ•ΆοΈ

   Team State   

Bad News: Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to put a team together for Middle School (6th-8th) Team State. We just don't have the numbers to fill a 14-man roster.

Soon though...

Good News: We are all signed up to compete for a Youth (3rd-5th) Team State title on Sunday March 6th, in Fond du Lac!

The club is going to pay the $300 entry fee, so it's free for all to enter. The flyer is attached.

We will hold wrestle-offs on Monday, February 21st, during practice, to determine our starters. There are 12 weights and 12 starters, but we're allowed to bring up to 25 wrestlers. We would love to be two-deep at every weight, so even if you lose your wrestle-off, we still want you to come and be ready to compete! 

NOTE - The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation has now officially ruled each team is allowed to bring one single 2nd grader. We plan to use that exemption for the lightest 53-pound weight class. That means, unfortunately, several other 2nd graders that were considering wrestling off will have to wait until next year.

Silver Spartans, if you're considering joining our squad (and you should), please put your name and weight next the class you're looking at, here:

Team State Sign-UpHere

Also, if you are planning to compete for and at Team State. It's time to get to a tournament to hone those skills! As of this writing, the Milton tournament on Sunday is still open for registration. That flyer is attached as well.

   Parent Survey   

We're far from a finished product, as a club. We make a dozen+ decisions yearly, trying to figure how to operate. Please share your anonymous feedback, so we can continue to improve. 

Survey LinkHere

   Gear Return   

Whenever you're done competing, please don't make us come chase you down! Please turn in your borrowed shoes/singlets at practice before you go.

   Sponsorship Circle   

It's competition season. Time for two (not actually competing) sponsors to step into the circle.

50 Kroncke Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
(608) 561-SNOW

Stepping into the Sponsorship Circle first today is a company that specializes in the snow plow (cradle), All Service Specialists

Owned by Matt Wingrove and serving Madison and the 'burbs for the last 20 years, All Service is the handyman you need, just when you need him. During the winter months, they clear snow: commercial or residential, feet of accumulation or a just a "dusting." Basically, anyone who begrudgingly lives in Wisconsin can use their snow-specific site ( to help deal with the consequece of their geographical decisions!

Then, when the weather turns warm, All Service Specialists handle ... everything else. Landscaping. Fencing. Decks. Pavers. Pressure Washing. Pet Waste Removal. Basically, you look out your window, decide what disappoints you the most, and they'll rectify the situation!

And(!) for MGM Families, they've got a special offer. For anyone that signs up for their Lawn Care and Snow Removal packages, they'll throw in a Spring Clean, free of charge!

We're just going to say it. Signing up with All Service leaves more time for push-ups.

3602 Marsh Road
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 692-3857

Next into the Sponsorship Circle is a company that, frankly, is a machine! Auto-Chlor System. Some Auto-Chlor facts:

They were founded in 1938 (for real). 
They created the commercial dishwasher (not kidding!). 

As a polar opposite to the prior "do everything" sponsor, Auto-Chlor focuses on one single thing: the machinery and supplies needed to get commercial dishes clean as fast and efficiently as possible.

The reason they are able to thrive in such a narrow field is because they do it better than anyone, on call always, for any and all needs. After all, the times when restaurants tend to be active are also times when traditional businesses tend to be closed. 

To be that available, they require constant staffing, which means they are always looking for InstallersRoute DriversOutside Sales People, and Rebuilders. If you're in the job market and looking for a company that is at the top of their field, give Auto-Chlor System a call!





It's a long season. Like, llllloooonnnnggggg, long! So long that when we started practicing, Adele's most recent album was released in 2015! And, frankly, we're not done yet. We've still got two months to go.

But, we can see the end. It's time to set our sights. 

What are your goals for this season?
  • HEALTH - We'd say "We're not doing this for our health," but actually, many are! General health is a great reason to wrestle. If that's what you're practicing for, keep it up and become the best version of you!
  • ONE (MORE) COMPETITION - Whether you wrestled at Mount Horeb and want one more shot at competition or haven't set foot into the circle yet, if you're looking to enter one more competition from now until the end of the season, the Lodi Scrimmage might be your best opportunity. 
It goes down on Thursday, March 10th, from ~6:00 to 7:30 pm in Lodi. (No practice that night.) Really, it's just a de facto practice, with lots of simulated matches, against other teams' wrestlers. MGM will cover the cost, so all you'll need to do is sign-up with the time comes.

State Qualifier. 
State Place-Winner. 
State Champion. 

These are terms that last forever. 

Many in our crew are ready. This is the year, we unleash MGM onto Wisconsin.
  • WhenYouth State Qualifiers take place on Saturday, March 19th. Youth State takes place the following Friday and Saturday, March 25th and 26th.
  • Where: Anyone can go to any qualifier, but the closest to us is in Evansville. State is held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.
  • Who: Any non-high schooler born in 2015 or earlier (old 1st graders) can enter the qualifier. Here are the weight classes. (You have to weigh that weight or less compete in that class.)
If you're curious whether your child is a part of "Who", reply to this email or ask us at practice, and we can chat about it. 

  • What: The Top 3 from each qualifier bracket advance to state.
  • How Much: The qualifier costs $16. State costs $45. While the club can't pay these expenses, we can (and will) reimburse you for both registration fees. We want you there!
If you're planning to try to qualify for state, it's extremely important that you get some competition in before then. Here's the planned competition schedule. Get your toes there; the line is waiting!

  • TEAM STATE - In addition to individual state, Wisconsin puts on a Team State tournament for the 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade age groups. We'd like to enter teams at both ages, if we can fill the lineups. Please sign up using the Sign-Up Genius links below.
Also, if you're in 2nd grade and interested, please sign up. We're still waiting on clarification about whether 2nd grade can be included (🀞), but we're optimistic.
By the way, these sign-ups aren't "official." We'll submit an official roster later this month. This is mainly to gauge interest.

Also, just as a note about Team State. These are community teams (like us), not private clubs (like Team Nazar). Recruiting outside kids to your team is expressly forbidden. There aren't going to be studs at every weight. Every team will have better and worse wrestlers. The ability to simply wrestle and not get pinned can be helpful, and at the highest and lowest weights, just stepping out on the mat and take a forfeit is incredibly valuable!

That's all to say, the skill-level threshold for competing at Team State is significantly lower than that of Individual Youth State. If you're on the fence, enter your name in the Sign-Up Genius and we'll talk.
  • DONE COMPETING - If you've finished all the competing you plan to do this season, please bring your singlet to practice and turn it in! Chasing them down after the season is over can be quite the chore!
The flyers for the Youth QualifierYouth Individual StateYouth Team State, and this Sunday's Beaver Dam tournament are all attached.

   Winning At Every Level   

How do we know it's time to unleash MGM onto Wisconsin? Over the last three weekends, not including Mount Horeb, 18(!) differentSilver Spartans have finished 1st or 2nd in a tournament!


Here's how many kids that is. That's multiple Bra(y/e)d(e/a)ns, three different names that start with K, a Raine and a Bo, a W'in and a 'bego, a Lou and a Louison, five other "sons" (Car-, Emer-, Gray-, Peter-, Ander-), and JV, who is a fifth generation John Reimer son himself!

If we have the full squad sign-up for 3rd-5th Team State, we're just going to say it (and hope it doesn't Matt Hasselbeck us in the butt).

We're going to win.

Meanwhile, wrestling in front of a nearly packed house, our high school Silver Spartans defeated Waunakee last Friday, 37-35. A Waunakee team, by the way, who just a year earlier made it all the way to the Division 1 Team State semifinals! 

Wins by Blare Wood, Cade Rux and (a returning) Brandon Dyer-Ysaguirre were all instrumental, but the match of the night was Guenther Switzer, avenging one of his three losses this season, by dissecting Jack Schweitzer on his feet, on his way to a 7-2 victory!

Ready or not...

   MGM Club Board Meeting   

This Sunday night (2/6) at 7 pm at Spartan Bowl in McFarland is our monthly board meeting. Our board meetings are always open to anyone in the club that would like to come and participate in the process of building and maintaining a budding dynasty! 

Having new MGM parents attend in the coming months is especially important because elections are coming in the spring. We anticipate turnover, so we'll need new blood.

No need to sign up. Just show up.

   Lost And Found   

Our collection of random stuff is growing. Please stop by the lost and found table today or next week, to claim your stuff. For instance, this set of headgear, which was left behind just last night!

   Team Shirt Shuffle   

For those of you who signed up after October 31st, we've placed our final shirt order. Your shirt will be here soon!

Also, stemming from a herd of Silver Spartans all in similar attire, we played some musical clothes in Mount Horeb. One Silver Spartan left with a medium and came home with a large. Another came home without his youth-sized shirt. 

Can you double-check if you have the correct quantity and size of MGM shirts in your house and let us know if you don't?! Thanks MGM!

   Sponsorship Circle   

(608) 575-2701

Stepping into the Sponsorship Circle today is Chamberlain Associates, a company that would need no instruction on how to "build a good base" because they can build nearly anything!

Chamberlain is a local father and son general contracting firm, that has been in business for over a decade, working in the greater Madison area. 

Owned and operated by Kraig Jordan and his dad (the uncle and grandfather to not 1, not 2, but 3 Silver Spartans!), Chamberlain Builders specializes in residential re-models and new builds. Kitchen remodels, basement finishes and window replacements are just some of the types of work you'll find them doing year-round. 

They're nearly booked for the summer already (speaks to their quality), but they do have some capacity left, so call or email now to support a business that support us. 





That's a squad!

Mount Horeb has come and gone. The unpredictable was oh so predictable. One team didn't show up at all. Another brought only half a roster. Still, we managed well over 100 matches!

We did have 5 kids that only got 1 match, which stinks. Outlier size and skill were at play, as was nausea. But the truth is, when you're the biggest club there, you're the most likely to have someone get fewer matches; your opponents just have less matches for you. Then, when we drew Baraboo third, that hurt too, as the second half of the scheduled matches just never happened.

There were so many individual stand-out things that we can't pretend to highlight them all. A few wins, though, really drew roars from the crowd: Keihmarion's come-from-behind pin, CC's sudden victory takedown, Liam gutting out a win, and DeLo making short work of a guy that had beaten a couple Silver Spartans earlier in the day.

A few performances worth highlighting:

Charlie Peterson - (3-1)
Grayson Cook - (3-1)
Hank Lovell - (3-0)
Carson Bauler - (3-0)
Ramsey Dean - (3-0)
Griff Gauwitz - (2-0)
Bodie Peterson - (2-0)
Aamir Clay - (2-0)
Colin Hudgens - (2-0)
Ronan Perry - (2-0)

Now, for those that have caught the competition bug and are ready to go again, we've got tournaments on top of tournaments on top of tournaments. Our coaches have the smell of a wrestling gym show up in their dreams!

Plus, there absolutely are things you will learn in competition that you won't get in practice. If your child is ready, let's compete! If nothing else, it beats scrapping with the same kid in practice for the 1,000th time!

All you have to do is let us know, or you can just sign yourself up! Most are on (Tomah/Lodi/Team State - Exceptions), where you just have to search out the tournament and register.

We usually have a thread in the MGM Families Group, taking roll call for the weekend.

The next five-weeks worth of flyers are attached.

   Last Home Dual / Pizza Party   

Tomorrow is our last high school home dual and last club pizza party. We've also got a middle school dual scheduled, so if you come at 5 pm, you should be able to see Silver Spartans wins that span from 5th -12th grade!

5:15 - Middle School Matches Begin
6:00 - Pizza Party Begins
6:15 - Reserve Matches Begin
7:15 - High School Matches Begin

Please sign-up for the pizza party by clicking here, scrolling down to the last event, and signing up!

(Last party, we ran out of pizza in large part due to middle schoolers and their families who wrestled, ate pizza and didn't sign up. Everyone is WELCOME to pizza, but we need to know how much to order. Please sign up!)

We also need parents to ... shepherd ... the pizza party, and one to two people to run concessions. That sign-up is on the bottom here. Thank you in advance, MGM!

We received a bunch of compliments stemming from the Stoughton dual, that our fans were awesome, with those little guys in the corner leading the way. Let's put on an encore performance tomorrow! 

   Upcoming Practice Schedule   

Well, well, well.

Would you look at that! 

Look who got their gym back for February 3rd, 4th, and 7th? Thanks to everyone who might have let their opinions be known!  πŸ’ͺ❀️Wrestling FamiliesπŸ’ͺ❀️

   Sponsorship Circle   

671 South Main Street
P.O. Box 57
Fall River, WI 53932
(920) 484-3700

You might know every move, but in a match, there are always unique situations. EK Machine Co exists to help with unique situations, so they're a perfect fit for the Sponsorship Circle this week.

Located a short drive away in Fall River, WI, EK's complete manufacturing division makes specialized parts for diverse fields from Agriculture to Oil & Gas to Aerospace to Data. You name it, and they build it. No word yet on if there is part to stop Silver Spartans from pulling their opponent on top of themselves!

But, they can't do it alone, which is why they're looking for machinists, welders, electricians, project managers, and more to help the business continue to thrive. EK Machine Co offers competitive benefits, a family-feel, flexibility, and advancement opportunities. Plus, you get to work with Corey Mackey!

If you've got creativity you'd like to put to work, start by watching this video.




It's time to put all these newly acquired skills on display! 

We have 47 kids signed up to wrestle at Mount Horeb on Saturday. Eighteen (18!) of them are first year wrestlers. When you add in those that have practiced with us before this year but haven't competed, it gets us to nearly half our crew that is getting their first taste of it this week!

There's no way to sugarcoat it either. There will be losses. There will be hurt feelings. There will be tears. But, there will also be tons of learning about how a match works and a better sense of the intensity of competitive wrestling. There will be technical mistakes made and corrected in real time. When it's all said and done, we'll leave better wrestlers than we entered. 

Additionally (if we can slip into a tweed jacket with off-colored elbow patches for a second...), losses in life are inevitable. No matter how much you prepare, no one finishes life undefeated. How you react, adapt and bounce back from those losses will ultimately define you. These are the lessons you take from wrestling, well after your singlet doesn't fit anymore!

Now, the nuts and bolts (flyer attached).

WHERE: Mount Horeb High School (305 South 8th Street)
WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd
Show up by no later than 8:30 am. Wrestling starts at 9:00 am
WHAT: There will be 5 rounds of duals, with one team sitting out each round


Please let us know ASAP if your status changes!

TEAM -- In addition to all the benefits of competitive wrestling, a dual format provides an opportunity for a group of kids to become a team. This is especially a priority for us, as a co-op, where not everyone is in school together.

We hope our Silver Spartans will cheer on their teammates, pick them up when they're down, offer to share a snack or a screen during down time, and just generally be there for each other. The older kids should look out for the younger ones, and the experienced ones should share it with the newbies. It won't be long before they're standing on the edge of the mat together, a united front, about to hand Stoughton its first ever MGM loss!

   So... About Stoughton Week   

Speaking of Stoughton, last week was Stoughton Week. See if you can spot a trend as we move down in age πŸ˜‰!

Varsity - The returning state finalist Vikings defeated our (short-handed) HS Silver Spartans by a score of 51-26. Of the 14 weight classes, MGM gave four forfeits and received one, for a net score of 24-6. In the nine contested bouts, MGM went (4-5), with wins by Austin Nickels (pin), Blare Wood (12-6), Luke Rux (pin), and Guenther Switzer (13-4). 

Junior Varsity - MGM won four of the five reserve bouts, all by pin!

Middle School - Stoughton didn't have the numbers to field a team on short notice, so our Silver Spartans put on nine intra-squad exhibition matches instead. As Stoughton's high school team looked on, one particular 200-pound double leg takedown put them on notice of the things to come, and they got that message loud and clear.

Their bench when it happened:

Youth - Then Sunday, we sent 11 wrestlers down to Stoughton for their youth tournament. One wrestler, perhaps thanks to the fear he had struck two days prior (!), had no opponents to wrestle. The other 10: 


If βŒ
When βœ…

   Upcoming Schedule   

Some Quick Schedule Observations

1- We have our last home dual / pizza party next Friday. It's against Waunakee at Indian Mound Middle School again. We're hoping to have a middle school dual as well. Sign-up for the Pizza Party now (scroll down to 1/28) and more info will be out about the dual next week.

2- The flyer for every upcoming tournament is attached. Bookmark this email!
3- πŸ€¬Monona Grove has taken our gym away for three days.🀬

It's not just our youth losing two practices either. Our high schoolers are displaced from practice days before the conference tournament and as well as one day the week of regionals.

We're wrestlers. We fight. We'll take on our teammates in practice and the opponents when the lights turn on. We'll fight fatigue, we'll fight our weight, and we'll fight injury. If we have to fight our own administrations to be treated as equals to all the other sports, we'll do that too!

   50 Push-Up Club   

For the Pre-K - 2nd grade wrestlers, every practice from now on, we'll honor the 50 Push-Up Club. That is, if they do 50 push-ups at home in the time between practices, the coaches will do push-ups as payment.

The caveat is that they have to be good push-ups, even if it requires 50 sets of 1!

Wrestling, at its core, is someone pushing one way and you pushing in the opposite direction. Pushing your body up, even when it's hard, gets past the mental block of "It's hard, so I won't try," and opens the door to the world of things our bodies can do!

That's all to say, 50 good ones at home!

   Sponsorship Circle   

It's only fitting that in the week when so many Silver Spartans are competing for the first time, that we have not one but two businesses step into the Sponsorship Circle for the week. 

100 River Place
Suite 110
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 222-6160

There's no greater partnership with a youth wrestling club than a business exclusively tailored to kids, which is exactly what Madison Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics is.

The #1 goal of Madison Pediatric is for kids to have a positive relationship with dental care, which can start as early as age 1! Their waiting room is ... amazing. So much so that they feel the need to clarify with adults that they take new patients only up to age ~12!

Once you get to the chair, the care is the same way, focused on a positive experience for kids.

On the orthodontics side, age 12-14 is the sweet spot for your first (FREE) consultation, after all permanent teeth have made an appearance. But, the perk of going to an all-in-one provider is having a dentist recognize "early intervention" opportunities (maybe age 7-8), where a full-set of braces later can be prevented.

Thank you Madison Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics for sponsoring us!

2321 Mustang Way
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 221-3000

Between bumps, bruises, and mat burn, wrestlers can get some pretty banged up exteriors. Our second visitor to the Sponsorship Circle today specializes in fixing up your exterior, Legacy Exteriors!

Legacy is owned by an MGM Family, Josh and Kayla Gauwitz and has been around for a decade-and-a-half, working with residential and commercial gutters, decks, windows, siding and roofs. 

They maintain the highest levels of certification with all products which allows them to offer the highest levels of warranty on those products. The guarantee they offer on their worksmanship? Lifetime. There's no higher level than that!

If your exterior needs a face lift, reach out to them via phone or email to get a free estimate, and let them leave their legacy on your home or business.

Remember MGM, for both Madison Pediatric and Legacy, we support the sponsors that support us!




   It's Stoughton Week   

YES - Stoughton has produced more individual state champions than any other school in WIAA high school history.
YES - Stoughton has been in the high school Division 1 team state finals each of the last 7 years.
YES - Stoughton's 126-pounder, Nicolar Rivera, just beat the #1 guy in the entire country last weekend.
YES - The Badger roster is littered with Stoughton wrestlers.
YES - Stoughton is in our conference, sub-conference, conference tournament, regional tournament, sectional tournament, and of course, state tournament every single year.
YES - Bring. It. On.

Winston Churchill famously said this:

We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, 
we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
We shall fight on the beaches,
We shall fight on the landing grounds,
We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
We shall fight in the hills;

Well, Silver Spartans, this week, we'll fight Stoughton with our reserves (Friday at 6:15), we'll fight Stoughton with our high schoolers (Friday at 7:15), and then we'll fight them with our young (Sunday, starting at 9 am). 

We won't guarantee victory this week. In fact, we're underdogs across the board. But when this week has passed, with the roar of our gym still ringing in their ears and the strength of our wrestlers still leaving aches on their body, they'll know.

It's not If

It's When.

   Logistics for the Week   

Now that's out of the way, let's be a bit more practical and talk logistics. We have several Sign-Up Genius links below that need your attention ASAP. Please take a scroll down that way!

Here's the schedule for tomorrow. It all goes down at Indian Mound Middle School in McFarland.

5:15 - Middle School - Intra-squad Dual
6:00 - Pizza Party Begins
6:15 - Reserves 
7:15 - High School Begins

We want everyone there for all of it. 


By the way, we tried to schedule a middle school dual with Stoughton as well, but they couldn't make it work. Didn't have the numbers. The tide, it's a-turning!

   Pizza Party and Concessions   

We need to know how many pizzas to order, so we need you to click the Sign-Up Genius link and tell us how many you have coming to the pizza party.

We also need volunteers.

We need one (1!) parent (please, pretty please!) to run the concession stand aka take money and hand out soda. We also need parents to help "parent" the pizza party (clean up spills, consolidate pizza boxes). 

   Youth Competitions - This Week   

This weekend, we've got Sussex on Saturday and Stoughton on Sunday. We'll have a bunch of coaches available in Stoughton, but as of now, we'll only have coaching at Sussex for the second session.

Please click here and let us know what you're attending, so we can be sure to have coaching available. Also, if you aren't a member of our MGM Families Group, get in there!

Flyers for both are attached.

   Youth Competitions - Next Week   

Next week Saturday, we're wrestling in Mount Horeb at their Multi-Dual. To wrestle there, you have to sign-up by tomorrow!

The Mount Horeb Duals are our signature event. We love the team element. We love the lower stakes. We love the sheer volume of matches. We love the quality of match-ups. We just love it.

If your son or daughter is going to compete at one event this season, this is the event. Sign-up by tomorrow! 

Then, on Sunday, we're headed down to Evansville for a tournament. If some wrestling is good, more is better!




Sure, there is still plenty of wrestling between now and then...

🀼 Oregon is this Saturday 1/8 πŸ€Ό
πŸ”΄βšͺ We're watching the Badgers wrestle on Sunday 1/9 πŸ”΄βšͺ 
🀼 Sussex is next Saturday 1/15 πŸ€Ό
🀼 Stoughton is next Sunday 1/16 πŸ€Ό

(I've attached flyers for all three tournaments, and if you're planning to wrestle at Oregon, signing up sooner rather than later is recommended. Sign-up for that tournament closes tomorrow.)

   Mount Horeb Duals   

...but, the Saturday after that, 1/22, is the Mount Horeb Duals!!! (Flyer attached as well.) It's the first tournament we put on our schedule every year. We love it. Here's a little preview.

For those unaware, MGM will have four dual meets that day, against four different squads. That means you'll watch your teammates step onto the mat and compete before you and after you. When they're not wrestling, they'll be there on the side of the mat, cheering you on. 

It'll be tons of matches, versus equally skilled opponents, with lots of team support ... Wrestling Paradise!

You'll need to check out a singlet, bring your headgear, and sign up using this Sign-Up Genius link.

Silver Spartans, if you're going to wrestle this season, this is the event! What are all those skills for if you're not going to show them off!

   Badger Dual Meet   

The Badgers wrestle this Sunday against Rutgers. 

For those unaware, the Badgers have a freshman, Braxton Amos, who just won a junior world title this past summer in the international style of wrestling, freestyle. He's taken a couple losses though, adjusting to the collegiate style, and one was to Rutgers 197-pounder, Greg Bulsak. That's all to say, we're going to see ~200 pounds of pure revenge on the mat Sunday, and we can't wait!

The dual starts at 12 pm. If you'd like to come early, there will be a dozen or so youth exhibition matches starting at 10 am. The more wrestling, the merrier!

We'll forward the welcome email to everyone who signed up. 

The following list of wrestlers and coaches will check in between Gates B & C, as shown on the map.

Freddie Mingione
Noble West
Juliette West
Grayson Doll
DiLorenzo Nelson Hoye
Jozana Nelson Hoye
Colin Hudgens
Oliver Salbego
Lou Salbego
Ronan Perry
Nyall Perry
Henry Lovell
William Lovell
Raine Voeck
Kannon Voeck
Hayden Ballweg
Anthony Ballweg
Colton Ballweg
Liam Mackey
Braxton Abel
Keihmarion Jackson
Ramsey Dean
Tristan Bancroft
Luke Louison
Karl Voeck
Mike Salbego
Jason Perry
Luke Lovell

Then, for these parents and family members, your tickets will be at will-call. Bring your ID!

Parent Names#Note
Louie Minigione11 Parent
Kyle WestAlicia West42 Parents, 2 Kids
Patrick Doll31 Parent, 2 Kids
Reanna Nelson11 Parent
Lance HudgensErin Hudgens42 Parents, 2 Kids
Kat Salbego31 Parent (not including Mike), 2 Kids
Stephanie Lovell11 Parent (not including Luke)
Michaela Voeck11 Parent (not including Karl)
Matt BallwegJen Ballweg22 Parents
Amanda Mackey11 Parent
Deb Abel11 Parent
Dustin Dean11 Parent
Mark Bancroft21 Parent, 1 Kid

FYI - They said enrollment was closed, but they could accommodate a "straggler or two," so if you'd still like to go, please reply ASAP!

   Home Dual and Pizza Party   

The high schoolers, fresh off a record-setting trip to the 63-team On The Water tournament in Oshkosh, are back home at Indian Mound Middle School to host Stoughton, next Friday, January 14th.

Yes, that Stoughton.

Go time.

We need you all there at 6 pm to get fueled up with pizza and assorted sugar, before heading to the gym to watch our fellas let 'er rip!

We're not going to do a Sign-Up Genius for parents to administer the pizza party, but if you're coming, please consider helping pass out the pizza and clean up spills. We're doing concessions, so the beverages will be distributed there.




It's a light week, this week. Just two youth practices, Tuesday and Wednesday. Consider it the calm before the storm. Starting in January, wrestling takes over all 7 days of the week!

   The Battle for the Badger   

If you're ready to compete, we'll have a bunch of teammates and nearly the full team of coaches in Waunakee on Sunday, January 2nd for the Battle for the Badger youth wrestling tournament. The competition will be tough, but that shouldn't be a deterrent. After all...

After Fort Atkinson filled as early as it did, we should be on red alert about tournaments hitting capacity. Sign up now!

NOTE - The Oregon youth tournament is the following Saturday, and both flyers are attached.

   Badgers vs Rutgers   

To be great at wrestling, you have to watch wrestling, so we're going to take a field trip together to the Field House to watch some high-level NCAA wrestling on a Sunday afternoon!

On January 9th, starting at noon, the Wisconsin Badgers will host Rutgers. The club is sponsoring tickets for all family members, and the Badgers are sponsoring all Silver Spartans. 

To sign-up, you just need to go to this Sign-Up Genius link. That's it! One sign-up per ticket needed.

Please reach out to Coach Luke with any questions you might have.


It's easy to let it slip, but we need to stay vigilant at keeping those nails clipped. There are enough ways to get injured on the mat without introducing finger knives into the equation! So, before you run out the door:

βœ”οΈ Wrestling Shoes
βœ”οΈ Water Bottle
βœ”οΈ Nails Clipped

Also, we have to shower after wrestling practice each night. It's not just COVID either. All the skin stuff wrestling has dealt with for years still exists and readily spreads. Silver Spartans, we sleep clean.

Lastly, we've gotten plenty of texts, emails, and calls saying so-and-so is staying home after a COVID exposure. We just want to say THANK YOU! It's a long season, and missing a practice won't make or break it. If it gets in the room though, and we have to shut down practice itself for a week or more, it'd be a disaster. 

Thank you for using caution, MGM!




Our high schoolers got at it again last week. Short-handed, they fell in a close dual Friday night, but not without supreme teamwork on display. 

You can read more about it in this post.

Then, on Saturday, they travelled to Waunakee for the Warrior Invite. Jaden Denman took home a bracket, knocking off several state-ranked wrestlers in the process. Guenther Switzer took 2nd place, falling via pinfall after notching the first takedown in the match. Luke Rux finished 4th.

Meanwhile, in the JV bracket there, Austin Nickels took home gold, Jacob Bonjour a silver, and four more Silver Spartans finished 3rd/4th.

   Middle School Dual vs Deforest - Thursday 12/16   

We'll spare you the details of why we don't have a middle school team. Just know that because we're wrestlers, and the final buzzer hasn't gone off, we're still fighting!

In the meantime, we're impersonating a middle school team!

At 8:05 pm Monday night, we got confirmation of our first middle school dual. It's this Thursday in Deforest, which has created quite the scramble this week! 

That night, our high school team will dual with Deforest as well, so for all the non- PK-2 families (PK-2 is still practicing), the Silver Spartans are putting on a Wrestling Double Feature! 

Expect ~20 MGM middle school matches, to go with JV and Varsity, so it's probably worth the drive to see that many Silver Spartans at it in one place!

The middle schoolers will kick off at 5:30 pm, wrestle a half their matches, give way to the JVs, wrestle the other half after them, and then varsity will start shortly after 7 pm. It's still $5 to get in, but anyone wrestling will get in for free. They'll have a list of our middle schoolers at the gate.

For wrestlers, please get there by 4:30 to 4:45 pm, and if you still need to check out a singlet, closer to 4:30 pm. Here are the entrance instructions:

"Go to the pool entrance that is facing Hwy 51. It is sort of on the backside of the school. It is the large area of the school and looks brand new and fancy with all the windows."

   PK-2 Practice - Thursday 12/16   

Coach Luke and Coach Matt will be at the Middle School dual. Coach John is leading PK-2, but we don't want him to be short-handed. If you're a parent with a child that requires ... herding ... we need your help Thursday. Kick your shoes off and be a shepherd! We need as much help as possible keeping your child on track, listening, having fun, and getting better!

Also, anyone who typically coaches the PK-2s, πŸ€ž for no scheduling conflicts! If you are able to make it, please, feel free to step up and help take the lead!

   Fort Atkinson - Sunday 12/19   

We've got 6 wrestlers signed up to wrestle there.

Unfortunately, that's all we will have signed up, as it filled late yesterday/early today. We've seen tournaments fill in the past, but usually it's on the Friday or Saturday before a Sunday tourney. This one filled crazy early.

Looking at the entrants, it looks like a couple Illinois private clubs are flooding northward. Bummer.

   The Battle for the Badger - Sunday 1/2   

We're not going to let that happen again! The next tournament on our schedule is in Waunakee, the second day of 2022. 

This one is challenging. They've got 8-man brackets and typically bring in wrestlers from all over Wisconsin. (A 1st Place trophy instead of a medal will do that!) They've also got pre-set weight classes, instead of just grouping kids of similar weights. An ounce over and you wrestle up!

The flyer for the tournament is attached. Get in early!

   Holiday Schedule   

We've got two scheduling tweaks. The Thursday before Christmas, 12/23/21, we're not going to have PK-2 practice. Then, the following Wednesday and Thursday, 12/29 & 12/30/21, there will be no 7-8 practice, as the high schoolers will be up at a tournament in Oshkosh. The rest though, will go on as planned.

We do understand that there are plenty of other holiday obligations and that attendance will be down. We're still holding practice, by and large, for two reasons. 

1) We don't want the club to be the reason you can't practice. 

2) Christmas and New Year's Day wouldn't have put themselves on Saturdays unless they wanted us to wrestle!

   Lost and Found   

We're quickly accumulating things (water bottles, clothes, etc). We're going to set up a Lost and Found table at practice. Please swing by it to check to see if anything is yours. 

The tiny, little storage room we have been given is already playing host to various extra school supplies, so we have precious little space for miscellaneous clothing!

   Sponsorship Circle   

2848 County Road BB
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
(608) 839-3513

Stepping to the Sponsorship Circle this week is a business made for wrestlers, Heartland Family Chiropractic. It takes Coach Karl to walk just one arm-bar on you for you to understand why keeping the body aligned is important!

Heartland's goal is to help you function at your very best, by keeping the nervous system working so your body can meet all the challenges it faces day in and day out. You wouldn't ignore the wiring when building a house. Heartland doesn't either, when treating your body!

Dr. Kami Hansen is an Advanced Gonstead provider and is Nutrition and Webster Technique certified.

Also, Heartland is a long-time sponsor, with family members who were formerly and hopefully will again wrestle for us. Let's support the sponsors that support us.




That's not to say the practice has ended because it hasn't. But, ooh weeeeee, the competition has begun!

The high school squad got it going last week with a dual meet on Tuesday, a dual meet on Friday, and five dual meets on Saturday! There was plenty to be excited about, but a thrilling team win over Watertown last Friday, in front of a big crowd on Youth Night, has to be among the highest!

We only sent a partial squad to Reedsburg on Saturday, meaning we only have seven wrestlers with more than two results:

Austin Nickels (4-3)
Jaden Denman (7-0) - 4 Pins and a Tech Fall
Joe Karls (4-2) - 3 Pins
Blare Wood (5-2) - 2 Pins
Cade Rux (5-2) - 3 Pins
Luke Rux (5-2) - 2 Pins and a Tech Fall
Guenther Switzer (7-0) - 5 Pins and a Major Decision

For a squad with just one single senior (Guenther), big things are coming*!

*-After we heal up.


This Friday marks the high school's third of five home duals, this one at Monona Grove High School against Beaver Dam. Also, it's Senior Night aka "G-Man Night"!

Everything will be similar to last Friday's dual. We'll have a pizza party at 6 pm. The JV will wrestle at 5:45 pm and the varsity around 7:00 pm. There will be a charge at the door for admission, but the pizza party is free to the entire club.

Also, we've used up a lot of our excess Brat Fry beverage stash. In the past we'd ask the club to go out, pick up a 12- or 24-pack, and deliver it to us. You can still do that if you'd like, but logistically, having families just give $5 or $10 to the Bun Fund for us to just go out and pick up everything we still need is much easier.
  • Please sign-up --HERE-- (like, right now) to let us know you're coming to the dual meet on Friday and to help us get a head count for ordering pizza. We typically order mid-day Friday, so signing up after doesn't help much.
  • Please sign-up --HERE-- if you're a parent able to help parent the pizza party. 
  • Please sign-up --HERE-- if you'd like to buy and donate beverages for our remaining pizza parties. You're also welcome to donate via Venmo instead: @MGM_Wrestling_Club ([email protected] / 507-261-8749)

The high schoolers aren't the only ones ready to let 'er rip. Over the last week, we've had quite a few little Silver Spartans ask when they get to compete.

(Would you look at that?! They see it, and immediately, they want to emulate it!)

For the new parents among us, competition at the youth level isn't like it is in high school. It is almost exclusively tournaments. 

Also, here are two very important notes about competing, especially in your early years:
  1. This side of the Hunger Games, there is no other sport where losing is tougher. It's not just two scores, yours lower. It's having your body controlled. Physical dominance. In other words, there will be tears.
  2. Wrestling tournaments include A LOT of bleacher time. Three pins might take you two minutes, over the course of four hours. Unless you find the ambient sounds of a wrestling gym soothing, it can be boring.
When it comes to our two jobs, Have Fun comes before Get Better. We need our Silver Spartans to stick with the sport long enough to have their bodies mature, so they can really see what they can do! We are very hesitant to have kids compete until they're mentally ready for both of those things.

All of that said, we leave it up to the parents to determine when their child is ready to compete. Here's a schedule of local-ish competitions.

This is not a comprehesive list, as some later in the season tournaments haven't posted yet. Rio, Sauk Prairie, and Cambridge are three, in particular, we'd expect to see in February or March.

Also, the tournaments in red are club sponsored. If you'd like to wrestle in just one tournament this season, we suggest it be the Mount Horeb Duals on January 21st. There, we'll wrestle as a team against another team (moral support), we'll match up against kids of a similar skill-level, as well as age and size (perfect competition), and we generally get lots of matches (reps, reps, reps). 

Most tournaments will have you register on, but for Mount Horeb, we submit a roster with payment.

All of our competing crescendos to regionals, which will likely be held in Evansville this year. The Top 3 at each weight qualify for state the following weekend. This is the year we show up to regionals and show out at state. For any Silver Spartan competing, we're planning to reimburse your regional registration fees. Let's go!

If you're interested in competing, whether it's one-time or twice a weekend, either reply to this email or talk with one of your coaches at practice. We'll go from there.


We're doing something a bit different with singlets this season. The club still has a fleet to loan out to anyone competing. That hasn't changed. 

In addition to that though, we've got a singlet store open, where you can buy your own singlet. It's a bit more stylized, and kids might like the idea of having a singlet of their own. For the first time, we have that option!

You can find that store --HERE--

Heads Up -- It closes in one week!


5920 Exchange Street
McFarland, WI 53558

Relocating to the Sponsorship Circle this week is a company that knows all about moving, Dan Chin Homes!

Located right in McFarland, Dan Chin and his team handle real estate in Dane County and the surrounding areas, but specialize right here, in our community. And, by specialize, we don't just mean helping people buy and sell houses. Dan Chin, his wife Meg, and their team also give back.

They fully-fund and run the Dan Chin Homes Foundation, helping out local, in-need families with housing costs, since 2018.  They've recently added a fundraising arm, where local community members and businesses can help chip-in. Those funds are focused on all living expenses for those in need. If you'd like to donate, you can find a link on their foundation website:

And, all of that fails to mention the Easter Egg hunts and Winter Wonderland in the Village stations they sponsor. McFarland is better for having Dan Chin Homes in it.

So, if you are considering buying or selling, reach out to them for a free listing consultation. Their team will lay out all the info you need to make the most informed decision you can, and then, if you think relocation is right, they'll help you with that too!



Being a board member or coach can be a thankless gig. It's hours and hours and hours of free time lost to arranging and organizing, fundraising and parading, emails and texts, requests to kids to pay attention over and over and over. When the calendar flips over to January and your friend asks "What do you have planned on...", you answer "wrestling" before you hear the date, because it's irrelevant to the discussion.

But, when the season starts, and a first-time wrestler, in his first practice, says "That was the best thing that ever happened to me" the it makes it all worth it.

To all the board members, to all the volunteer coaches, to all the chauffeurs parents, and to all the kids, thank you making MGM Wrestling what it is today!


πŸ“… (11/24) - No practice for the 3-6s

πŸ“… Thursday & Friday (11/25 & 11/26) - No practice for anyone

πŸ“… A Week from Today (11/30) - No practice for anyone
πŸ“… A Week from Today (11/30) - HS Home Dual Meet & Club Pizza Party 
β†˜οΈ(See Sign-Up Genius)
πŸ“… A Week from Today (11/30) - Concessions Volunteers Needed
πŸ“ If you're bringing your Silver Spartan and aren't interested in watching the dual, we really could use your help! Please Reply to this email!

πŸ“… A Week from Friday (12/3) - HS Home Dual Meet & Club Pizza Party
β†˜οΈ(See Sign-Up Genius)

πŸ“… Two Weeks from Friday (12/10) - HS Home Dual Meet & Club Pizza Party 
β†˜οΈ(See Sign-Up Genius)


We're just looking for a headcount, so we know how much pizza to order. If you're planning to come, please let us know ... HERE


Our MGM Clothing store closes in three days, on Friday, November 26th. If you haven't at least browsed around, please do so. Also, we expect the order back by Christmas, just in case your Elf on a Shelf is a wrestling fan!

The Store: 


We had quite the debacle last Thursday during our "full club" practice. 

Normally, only our PK-2s practice then, so we have the gym reserved for a 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm practice. Last Thursday, to not short the 3-6s, we planned to the "full club" practice until 7:45 pm, only to find out in the 11th hour that there was a group of dudes who had reserved the gym to play basketball after us*. That meant we had to scramble to let everyone know practice was ending early. Fortunately with just a couple exceptions, we got everyone a timely ride home.

For situations like that, we ask that everyone follow our club on Facebook ( and join our Families group ( there as well. 

It's the best place to get up-to-date, last-minute news, as well as a great way to connect with the rest of the club for rides, gear hand-me-downs, tournament organization and other planning.

* NOTE - The basketball players never showed up. If someone blew a whistle every time I laid a finger on my opponent, I'd stay home too!


The thing about being a new and rapidly growing wrestling club is that you're constantly having to make decisions for the first time. Not all of them are perfect. Candidly, some aren't even that good!

But, without feedback, it's hard to know which are which.

For everyone, but especially for those first-year wrestlers, any and all feedback is badly needed! Please Reply and let us know how we're doing! If there's something we need to fix or improve on, don't be shy. We've got thick skin... We're wrestlers!


746 Crawford Drive #B
Cottage Grove, WI 53527

Speaking of circles, our featured sponsor today has come full-circle. Alex Edmunds, the owner of Platinum Contracting, was once an MGM Silver Spartan himself and a recipient of that generosity. Now, he's giving back!

Alex has been in the construction business since he was 10 years old (!), even working for the business of Randy Becker, MGM's former head coach! Alex runs things now, and his business, Platinum, does residential remodeling, specializing in decks and basements. They're booked out through the spring, and frankly materials are taking that long anyway!

So, give him a call or text ASAP at (608) 212-5161 for a free estimate.

And, while you're waiting through the winter for your new basement (with wrestling mat instead of carpet), Platinum does commercial snow removal too!

MGM, we support the sponsors (and former wrestlers) that support us, so give Alex a call.




For those that had someone start practicing yesterday, did anyone hear "I can't sleep," last night? Didn't think so! πŸ˜‰

The season is here, and there are a million One Quick Things we need to remind you about, so as you're reading this email, just imagine you're standing in the doorway, just trying to step outside to leave because you're running late!

Schedule Notes:
  • Just for the first week, we're having the 3-6s practice on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Things are going to be tight in the gym, but we wanted one practice where everyone was together.
  • The PK-2s & 3-6s are only wrestling once next week, due to Thanksgiving.
  • The 7-8s have a day off for a high school scrimmage on Tuesday 11/23, but..
  • They (7-8s) will be wrestling Wednesday the 24th..
  • There's no practice for anyone on Tuesday 11/30. The high school has a home dual meet at Indian Mound Middle School in McFarland, and when the high school has a home dual meet, we all have a home dual meet! We're throwing a pizza party for all of MGM, and we're going to be there to cheer our Silver Spartans on!
  • We've got two more home duals coming in December, on consecutive Fridays, at Monona Grove High School as well (12/3 & 12/10). Pizza and cheering are both on the calendar for everyone!
  • Christmas and New Year's Day have graciously agreed to be on Saturdays this year, so as to not interrupt the practice schedule. We understand there will be some travelling and some more sparsely attended practices, but that isn't stopping us from having them. We're Kobes

Us wrestlers have been focused on not spreading "the funk" since well before COVID. When the kids are done wrestling each night, they need their bodies and clothes washed to stop the spread of the skin stuff that afflicts wrestlers. No sleeping in wrestling sweat!

Also, COVID is still around. We're planning to treat only those you wrestle with as close contacts, and close contact quarantines are only required for the unvaccinated. 

But, to further prevent the spread, if your child is experiencing any symptoms at all, exercise caution and keep them home. The season is long, and a single missed practice isn't near the problem that half the room testing positive would be.


It's easy to glance at fingernails and say "I'll clip them tomorrow." During wrestling season, tomorrow has to be now, as any amount of nail is going to end up slicing someone up. No Wolverines!


We have no water fountains available this year. The only one we had in the past is now shut off, and frankly, with how big of a crew we have, it'd take half of practice to hydrate, if we relied on it.

REMEMBER YOUR WATER BOTTLES! They're as important as shoes.


It isn't open yet, but when it is, it will only be open for a limited time. The reason is that, with the supply chain stuff going on, we have to close it early in time for everyone to get their stuff by Christmas. 

So, when we do email with a link, please head there in short order.

Also, we have a second store, that stays open all season long. You can find it here or through our website, (We have less flexibility in what is available in this store, which is why we have two.)


Sure, they're important. You know that.

For the little guys, they are very important, and not just for the reason you think.

There's a point where push-ups get hard. There's also a point where your body fails doing push-ups. The area in-between those two points, that's where you spend most of your time when wrestling. We need these little ones to not quit when it feels difficult. Many don't realize what they can do yet, and push-ups are a gateway to find out!

That is, the psychological benefit of pushing through a tough rep is as important as the physical benefit.

Plus, if we can zoom out for just a second, a huge part of the difference between success and failure in life is what you do when life gets hard. Discerning between difficult and impossible is a lifelong lesson. 

We ask you add push-ups and pull-ups into your daily home lives whenever and where ever you can. Schedule them. Dare your kids to do them. Reward your kids for doing them. Have your kids show them off to anyone who might be impressed. Create an environment where they're as regular as screen time! 

Also, please emphasize good form over high rep counts: Flat bodies. No hip thrusts or head bobs. Elbows make an L. Lick the floor if you have to! 


McFarland Business

Stepping into the Sponsorship Circle this week is our second new sponsor in as many emails: Five Star Painting

You know that point during a paint job? The point where you're halfway through the job, and it's already taken twice as long as you thought. There's paint on your carpet, there's paint in your hair, and still, there's a bunch of spots you missed that need paint. You're filled with regret. 

That's usually the point where someone realizes they should have just had a professional do an infinitely better job in a fraction of the time.

Before you get to that point, give Five Star Painting a call (608-205-4078) for a free consultation. Their owner Chris has been in the home improvement space for two decades, painting for both businesses and residences, interior and exterior jobs, with exceptional speed and quality. They measure to the inch and price to the penny!

Plus, they're currently offering a special rate of $250 off a job of $2,500 and $500 off a job of $5,000. 

MGM, we support the sponsors that support us!



October 26, 2021


It's time...

Not time to sell brats. 
Not time to find sponsors. 
Not time to march in a parade.

It's time to sign up for wrestling. Like... πŸŽ‰πŸ€Όβ€β™‚️πŸ’ͺ🏽W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-GπŸŽ‰πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’ͺ🏽 ... wrestling. The real deal. The season is here. It's time!

As such, this email is going to be a lengthy one. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit Reply, or if you prefer, you can give Coach Luke a call directly (651-387-4105). Also, if you know of anyone considering wrestling, Forward this email to them with all the swiftness of Jordan Burrough double leg takedown!

πŸ–ŠοΈ SIGN UP - To sign up, there are two steps. First, you need to go to USA Wrestling to sign-up or renew. Then, you need to head on over to, bringing along your USA Wrestling number, and register with our club.

πŸ‘• TEAM SHIRT - Everyone that signs up with us will get an MGM club shirt, but we're submitting our first order of shirts on October 31st, to ensure they're received and distributed by November 30th. (More on that in a bit.) If you're registered by October 31st, you'll get your shirt earlier than if you register afterward.

πŸ“… SCHEDULE - The first day of practice is November 15th, and we practice through March. Practice is held at Nichols Gym in Monona.

Here's the schedule, broken down by grade:

⬜ Pre-K - 2nd Grade - Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm*
⬜ 3rd Grade - 6th Grade - Monday and Wednesday, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm**
⬜ 7th Grade - 8th Grade - Monday through Thursday, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm***

* - For the younger end of the spectrum, it's possible that one night a week is enough. We're planning to have a more simplified practice on Tuesdays and a slightly more technical one on Thursdays.
** - The first week, there's no practice on Wednesday, November 17th. Instead, we're going to have the entire club practice on Thursday, November 18th, for maximum mayhem!
*** - This is the first year we're having 7th/8th wrestle at the same time as the high schoolers. We're working on transportation options, and we only expect three days per week. If you want to come all four days though, no one is going to say No.

🎽 UNIFORM - We practice in shorts, T-shirts, and non-street-worn shoes: athletic wear. If your son or daughter ends up competing this year, we'll provide a singlet. Head gear is mandatory for competition and optional, but recommended, for practice. Also, new tennis shoes will work fine, but if you would like a pair of wrestling shoes and aren't ready to make the purchase yet, the club has bins of shoes for you to borrow, free of charge. We just ask you return them when you're done, and if you ever end up buying a pair and out-growing them, you'll let us find some new feet to put in them.

We'll have shoes ready for you to sign-out the first day of practice. Come early!

πŸ’§ WATER - Bring your own water bottle.

🦠 COVID - We don't have much information here. We wrestle in Dane County and are under the jurisdiction of two school districts. They make the rules, and we follow them, which might mean wrestling in masks to start the season. Regarding Dane County, there should be updated info soon, as the prior order expires on November 5th.

πŸƒ PRESEASON PREP - Each of the next three Wednesdays (October 27th, November 3rd, & November 10th), we're hosting Open Mats at Nichols Gym, from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. While anyone that would like to come is welcome, we'll be sharing the gym with the high school squad. There will be less instruction and more live wrestling, so it might not be ideal for someone who is taking his or her first step onto the mat.

Also, every Sunday, from 8:00 am to 8:45 am (until Mother Nature puts a halt to it), we're doing a club workout in the field at Siggelkow Road Park (The Sign-Up Genius). It's never bad for anyone to enter the season in shape, but we're specifically focused on those planning to compete this year.  Out-working your opponent means putting in time that he or she isn't willing to put in i.e. strapping on your running shoes early on a Sunday!

πŸ₯‡ COMPETITION - Here's the truth. There's no sport where losing is more discouraging than wrestling. It isn't just two numbers on a scoreboard, one higher. To lose is to be dominated, to be controlled against one's will. It's one of the things that makes wrestling hard which, in turn, is what makes it great.

But with that in mind, we suggest waiting on competition until you know your child is ready, age- and skill-level-wise. Even then, we have a couple competitions we suggest you start with, which we'll roll out soon. Most competitions are tournaments held on the weekend. We'll have a schedule of where coaches will be, so your Silver Spartan can have someone in their corner when they compete.

Also, we're looking into putting together some de facto dual meets for the middle school aged kids. When and where those might be held is up in the air, so stay tuned.

πŸ• PIZZA PARTIES - The high school team has five home dual meets this season: 

πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Tue 11/30 at Indian Mound Middle School 
πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Fri 12/3 at Monona Grove High School
πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Fri 12/10 at Monona Grove High School
πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Fri 1/14 atIndian Mound Middle School
πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ Fri 1/28 at Indian Mound Middle School

For each one, MGM is throwing a pizza party, free of charge, for our Silver Spartans and their families. We want our high schoolers to know the club has their backs, and we want those youngsters to be able to see where it all leads. Stripping off those warm-ups, getting a hard pat on the back from Coach Karl, and heading out to the center of that circle is the end game. It's what the work is for. 

See it βž‘️ Achieve it

πŸ”΄βšͺ BADGER DUAL MEET - The club will also be sponsoring a trip to the UW Fieldhouse to watch the Badgers do battle with Rutgers on Sunday, January 9th. We'll have more info on that as the date gets closer.


5990 US Highway 51
McFarland, WI 53558
(608) 838-3141

Stepping into our inaugural Sponsorship Circle this season is a brand-new sponsor for 2021-22: One Community Bank

One Community is what its name says it is, community-based. It's local family-owned, with six (soon to be seven) branches around Madison. They don't just offer full-service banking (personal and business) to the community. They also give back to that community, supporting programs like Gigi's PlayhouseWCSD Student AssistanceFood for Kidz, and After School Clubs, as well as local youth organizations like MGM! Listen, you don't have a giant check lying around unless you plan to use it!

We support the sponsors who support us, MGM. If you open an online account in the month of October, you'll be entered to win $100, but with them having fresh cookies and popcorn every Friday and Saturday, you might want to find an excuse to go in any way!

It's time...



August 9, 2021

Our summer Open Mats and Summer Camp are in the rearview mirror and the next wrestling on the calendar is the start of the season in mid-November. The time has come to pay the bills!

(Also, as a quick aside, July to November with no wrestling seems like a long time. Too long, in fact. The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing it, as we've done here. Keep an eye out for some communication coming up, with a solution!)

Back to paying the bills. 

Multiple Open Mats and a week-long Camp were not cheap. Also, this year, we're planning to...

⬜ sponsor a tournament for every wrestler interested, 
⬜ feed every Silver Spartan dinner at every high school home dual meet, and
⬜ take the whole team to watch the Badgers wrestle.

Plus, we refuse to let money be a barrier between a child and wrestling, so we set our enrollment fees at cost and go below that if need be.

That means for the next four months, it's time to hustle!


Our club will be hosting three Brat Frys this summer/fall, one in each of our three communities.

M 8/15/21 (Sunday) - Monona (RE/MAX @ 5320 Monona Drive)
G 9/11/21 (Saturday) - Cottage Grove (Piggly Wiggly)
M 10/9/21 (Saturday) - McFarland (Pick 'n Save)

The first of which is six days away, so we'll focus on that. 

We need 3 things, ASAP:

Supplies- We hope to have all supplies donated, so all the proceeds are profit. The sign up for the supplies is below. There, you'll find one address in each community to use if you'd like to drop-off supplies ahead of time. If you need them picked up, give Coach Luke a call at (651) 387-4105.

Silver Spartans- Our wrestlers are the heart-and-soul of these things. We're not turning them into salespeople; we're only asking they do one of the things they do best. When someone orders "The Deal" <a brat, chips AND a drink>, we do push-ups!

(Also, the "shifts" for the kids are very fluid. Some kids have half an hour of attention-span. Some have a couple hours. You know your child, but whatever they've got, we want!)

Volunteers- You'll find shifts in the Sign-Up Genius link below. We need a parent on the grill the whole day, a couple parents there for set-up, a couple parents for breakdown, and a couple more to span the major rush.

--> --> --> SIGN UP HERE!!! <-- <-- <--


We are always looking for more local sponsors. For a $300 check, here's what your business gets:
  • Your name and logo on the back of ~130 shirts. Comfortable shirts that, by the way, are early out of the dresser drawer every laundry cycle and have a tendency to find multiple backs over their lifetimes!
  • A personalized advertisement in the Sponsorship Circle section of our weekly club email, as well as our club's social media accounts.
  • Your logo prominently featured on our newly revamped website.
  • A tax write-off (we're a non-profit) and plenty of good karma!

If you are a business interested in sponsoring, work at a business interested in sponsoring, or know of a business interested in sponsoring our club, please forward this email to them, print out the attached letter and deliver it, or just pass the business name along. We'll reach out to them!

These companies' generosity goes a long way toward allowing us to exist.


PS - There will also be a couple opportunities coming up to help fundraise simply by eating, but dates are TBD for those yet.



After two straight days of Whitewater Warhawks, we're back on the Badger train for our final day of camp!

Leading camp today is Ryan Taylor, a former Badger D1 All-American and the owner of another local, private club -- RT Elite, located in Oregon.

In high school, Ryan wrestled for one of the nation's powerhouses, St. Paris Graham in Ohio. There, he secured three state titles, wrestling in one of the toughest states in the country. After that, he made the trek up to Madison to wrestle for Badgers, where he was a three-time NCAA qualifier, including an All-American finish in 2015. His career was unfortunately cut short due to injury.





Now, onto today! 

Leading our practice on this fourth day of camp is Elroy Perkin, another former Division 3 All-American from UW-Whitewater. Are you sensing a Warhawk theme?!

Today, Elroy is the head assistant for UW-Eau Claire's college team. He is also still actively competing on the senior circuit, as a member of the Gopher Wrestling Club (something we won't hold against him)! He took 5th at the most recent US Open, and tonight, he's going to help us continue to narrow the gap between Stoughton and us!

Back to the grind!




And like that, we're at the halfway point of Camp Week. Before we take a lot at our clinician for the day, let's have a look back at Days #1 & #2.



Lotta Silver Spartans.
Lotta smiles.
Lotta improvement.
Lotta camp left!

And now, Day 3. Our clinician tonight is Cedric Gibson, a former Division 3 All-American for the UW-Whitewater Warhawks. Wait. Who else was a D3 AA for Whitewater.... ? Hmmm (Pssssst It's Coach Karl!)

Cedric is an instructor at another local private club, Sarbacker Wrestling Academycurrently has two locations: 
  • Mount Horeb, WI (35 minutes from Nichols) &
  • Cobb, WI (~ "Are we there yet")
 If you're considering a private club for your little guy or gal, tonight's a great opportunity to try before you buy!

See you in a bit, MGM!




Silver Spartans!!!

I hope those Badger shirts are clean. We're wearing them tonight!

Today, we've got a B1G time clinician! Chris Bono, the head coach of the University of Wisconsin Badgers wrestling team is coming by Nichols tonight to whip us Silver Spartans into shape!

Now, if you'll excuse my long-windedness, I need to go over his lengthy resume. Coach Bono, after ticking off three high school state titles in Florida, wrestled at D1 Iowa State, where he was a three-time All-American, two-time finalist, and one-time NCAA national champion.

Then, came his pursuit of winning a spot on the United States World team. 

The world team, by the way, consists of a single wrestler at each weight (sometimes 6 weights, sometimes 7, 8, or 10), to represent our entire country at the highest level of wrestling that exists. Every 2-, 3- and 4-time national champion that graduates from any college in our country, as long as they continue wrestling, they're competing for these 6-to-10 spots. Coach Bono held one for three years.

In 2018, he was inducted in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and in that same year, he took over as the head coach for the Badgers. 

How successful has he been with the Badgers in his three seasons coaching them? In Wisconsin's 90+ year wrestling history, their best finish ever at the NCAA tournament is 4th. It's a feat they've achieved three times. During Coach Bono's second Badger season, heading into the NCAA tournament that was cancelled thanks to COVID, Wisconsin's team was ranked 5th in the country!

If you're not fired up to give it your all tonight after reading that ... you're normal. It's only a select few of us where resumes bring legitimate excitement.

No worries though. Coach Bono brings enough energy to power the school. Being fired up will not be a problem, as he tends to "lift" the room.




Today marks Day #1 of Camp Week. Our first clinician is Nazar Kulchytskyy. Nazar was a three-time division 3 national champion in college, wrestling for UW Oshkosh. Since then, he's placed at US Opens and made a US National Team, before hanging up his competitive kicks in favor of instructive ones.

Now, he runs Team Nazar, a private club that practices over on the east side of Madison. 

Part of what we're doing this week is showcasing the local private clubs, in part because it's time we start taking advantage of them. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will have private club instructors leading practice. Why would you need a private club when you already have MGM Wrestling Club you ask? A fine question.

First off, like most sports these days, the best never stop. A private club allows you to go year-round. 

Also, in wrestling specifically, there's a different type of wrestling, which shares characteristics with the folkstyle you're used to, called freestyle. It's the main international style (you'll see it in the Olympics here soon), its season is typically in the summer, and it's taught at private clubs. 

The other reason why all the best wrestlers wrestle at private clubs is that all the best wrestlers wrestle at private clubs. Iron sharpens iron. You'll get the best competition from all around the area, which is basically rocket fuel for your skills. 

So, tonight, think of Nazar as a pair of jeans. Try him on. See how he fits! If you have questions, feel free to ask him, and if you'd like to ask us coaches anything about private clubs, we'll be there as well.

Also, I've included Nazar's email in this thread, so you're welcome to reach out to him there.

Here's a picture with Nazar from our 2019 Camp. It suffices to say we're rolling a little deeper now!


PS - Of all the local clubs, we have by far the most kids currently practicing with Nazar (G-Man, Jaden, Xavier, & Malachi, Katelynn & Zach Gunderson, and Big Kris). Several will be around tonight if you've got questions for them as well.


Our season is winding down... πŸ˜”
  • Our PreK - 2nd grade group will wrestle through March 23rd (3 more practices)
  • Our 3rd - 8th grade group will wrestle through March 25th (4 more practices)
But(!!), while season may be coming to a close soon, the wrestling is not. Like Hamilton after the Revolutionary War, the wrestling is non-stop!

Starting this Sunday (March 7th) and running through the end of May (30th), we will be holding Sunday Open Mats for anyone interested!

WHO: Anyone ready to wrestle (A USA Wrestling Card is *NOT* required.)
WHEN: Every Sunday between now and the end of May except Mother's Day (5/9/21) from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
WHERE: Spartan Day Camp
COST: Free
WHAT: Just wrestling

The intent of these Open Mats is for those that just finished their season and those that were unable to practice with us this season to have a chance to simply wrestle. There will be little-to-no large group instruction, but rather, one-on-one tips, tricks and pointers. There will be a few drills, and at times, we'll wrestle live in targeted positions. 

By-and-large though, we're just going to wrestle!

A couple other notes:

☐ We typically get our insurance coverage via USA Wrestling, but we've purchased a standalone policy. That means having a USA Wrestling Card is *NOT* a requirement.

☐ There are no age limits, but we're just going to be wrestling. If your son/daughter isn't ready (either endurance and attention span-wise), there will be another Open Mat this summer more suited for them. 

☐ Both our insurance and our single mat at Spartan Day Camp restrict how many people we can have in an Open Mat session. Because of that, we ask you use the Sign-Up Genius link to let us know you're coming. If we start getting close to 25, we'll add a second session, either before or after the first.

☐ We're still in Dane County, which means we're required to wear masks. But, we will be working with multiple partners. They'll still be kids of close size, so no more than five. More than one though.

☐ If you haven't done so for practice, we'll need you to sign and bring in Spartan Day Camp's COVID and General Waiver, both of which are attached. 

That's it for now, MGM!


Weekly Club Email

 12-3-20 CLUB EMAIL

Silver Spartans!!!

That's Right. The BIG one! Registration is open. The apparel stores are open. We're selling masks. We need volunteer coaches. All of it. ALL OF IT!

First, we want to apologize to everyone who has already indicated they're not wrestling this season. We included everyone for this one last email. That way, if you'd like Silver Spartan apparel, you'll know where to find it. Also, with everything pandemic-related being so fluid, we want everyone to have practice and registration info, in case things change.

This is the last mass email though, we promise!


We're mentioning this first, ahead of registration, because of its timeliness. THIS STORE CLOSES IN ONE WEEK -- (12/9)!!! 

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Here's that link. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ

If you'd like any Silver Spartan branded gear, this is Option #1. There are no shipping charges in this store, as the orders come to the club, to be distributed. We'd recommend the sleeveless hoodies. What good are all those push-ups going to be if we're not going to show off the guns?


We also have a second, entirely separate store open. It's the one you'll see on our site when you register this season, or you can also access it directly.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Here's that link. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ

The second store doesn't close and ships directly to you, for $5.99. While you can wait to make your order, if you submit your order by December 7th, they say you will receive it in time for πŸŽ„πŸŽCHRISTMASπŸŽπŸŽ„.


If we're going to practice in masks (we are), we're going to practice looking good in our masks! We have Silver Spartan masks in both the traditional and gaiter style. Like the first store, THIS STORE CLOSES IN ONE WEEK -- (12/9)!!! 

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Here's that link. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ

Just remember, even after the coronavirus is gone, Wisconsin cold won't be. If you cover your face while clearing snow, the neighbors can't look out their windows and tell you're swearing about how much your back hurts!


Let's address the uncertainty right up top. Everything is fluid. 

We are planning to have Public Health Madison & Dane County re-open indoor gatherings for 10 people, effective December 16th, and to hold two separate but concurrent 10-kid practices. It's also possible that won't be the case. 
  • It's possible they'll extend the indoor gathering ban, and we'll have to push back practice. 
  • It's also possible, at some point this season, we as a community will get the virus spread under control, and we'll even get to wrestle at wrestling practice. 
We just don't know.

We're committed to following all local and state-wide guidance. We're also committed to keeping socially distanced and masked for all practices until it becomes safe to stop. We're not messing around with this virus.

But, we're also committed to having practice. We're committed to continuing to build toughness and resiliency and good physical fitness habits. And, we're darn sure still having fun. Wrestling is important, so we're committed to teaching it.

As strange as it sounds, we're taking our cues from S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, in this regard. 

We ask that you bear with us, as we navigate everything together. If you register for practice, and we're never allowed to have it, we will refund your payment. 


Here's the schedule, starting the Week of December 14th (Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th):

You'll notice 1st grade is split across two sessions. It was easily our biggest group, so we had to spread them out. If you're registering a 1st grader, you're welcome to decide whether they prefer the hour-long practice, or maybe they only have the attention-span for the shorter one.

Also, we did our best to take into account everyone's scheduling availability, along with the availability we were given in our temporary home. If your schedule prevents you from registering for the age-appropriate section, you're welcome to select another. Though it might behoove your eighth grader to brush up on his or her Paw Patrol knowledge before signing up for a Wednesday practice!


321 Progress Drive
Cottage Grove, WI 53527

A special thanks to Uselman Plumbing in Cottage Grove. After the ownership passed from father to son, and the business was relocated, the building could have been sold. Instead, they're renting it to us for as favorable a rate as they could afford to do.

It has heat, restrooms and plenty of space. Given our desperation, we could not have found a better spot.


No Parents or Siblings - It's not that we don't want you there. We do! It's just that until restrictions lift, we can't have you there. It's 10 + employees (coaches), for each practice. That's it.
Drop-off / Pick-up - We're going to have you pull up and just drop off your Silver Spartans. Then, please leave! (The parking lot isn't super spacious. If you'd like to park on Progress Drive and wait, that will probably work.)
Bring to Practice, Once - The facility is requiring we have the attached waiver on file for each wrestler. Please sign-and-bring it along the first practice.
Bring to Practice, Always - β˜ A water bottle with your name on it. (No sharing water fountains.) β˜ A bag, in case we need to send something home. β˜ Our COVID-19 release, that we'll send out when we have it all set. β˜ Shoes, maybe. (If your little one can't put on and tie their own shoes, non-street worn slip-ons or just socks are fine.)
Bring to Practice --NEVER-- - Anything contagious!!! Please, pretty please, if you're feeling anything but tip-top shape, stay home. One case of it in our building wreaks havoc on everything. Please.


Here it is, the link to register for this season, or you can just click the link "REGISTER" in the top-right corner of our website,, and get at it.

Before you register with the club, you'll have to register or renew your membership with USA WrestlingHere's the link to do that.

The USA Wrestling card costs $40, as does our registration. $80 total. If you're interested in our scholarship program, please Reply with "Scholarship," and we can discuss what that entails.

Any other questions? Shoot 'em our way!


Just a quick note about our financial situation. We're a non-profit club. The three main ways we raise funds are through fundraisers, sponsorships, and your registration dues. This year, for obvious reasons, we were unable to have any fundraisers. We also expect our registration to be way down. 

On the flip side, the only time before this season that we had to rent space was last year, for one night per week. Now, we're paying rent for every single practice. This season undoubtedly will be our most expensive, from an operations standpoint.

Still, we have decided not to raise our registration dues. Our position has always been that we refuse to have money be the deciding factor on whether or not someone decides to wrestle. We continue to hold that stance. 

Instead, we ask those who can, please donate to our club. While we can't replace the lost revenue, we hope we can pay for our new 2020-2021 expense, rent, via donations. Two ways to donate: 1) When registering, you'll be prompted to donate & 2) via our GoFundMe.

Please give what you can.

(And, if you have a rich uncle that loves GoFundMes, pass this along to him for us, will ya?)


We need coaches. Maybe "coaches" would be more appropriate. We'll have a head coach for each 10-kid practice, which should be manageable. But, we'll have no parents present, who are so valuable when there's a bump or bruise or another emergency. We need "coaches" to help with that. Also, we need someone to do administration (attendance), some videoing, and to help demonstrate. 

Ideally, we'd have one volunteer per 10-kid practice, two per practice session, for all 4 practice sessions each week. 

If you're interested in volunteering, you'll be prompted when registering your child. You can just Reply here as well. To be a coach, you'll have to register with USA Wrestling, and complete a background check and SafeSport course. The background check lasts two seasons, so if you completed one last year, you're good.

Also, instead of reimbursing you for those fees, we're going to pay you the amount equal to what you paid for the course, the screen, and the card. A distinction without a difference to be sure, but a necessary one this year.


For those who are still interested in being Silver Spartans, but for obvious reasons, this isn't the year, this section is for you. We think we have an idea on how we can keep your child engaged and growing as a wrestler, while not leaving your house. We've also got something to commemorate last season we'd like to pass along.

Please Reply to this email with SINTY to let us know, and we'll reach out personally to go over everything. 

Oh, and thank you for sticking with us!

.../Exhales Loudly/

That was quite a doozy of an email. Thanks to all that made it to the end!


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